Corbin Bleu: To the Limit: An Unauthorized Biography
Betsy West
Price Stern Sloan (2007)
ISBN 9780843126853
Reviewed by Brianne Plach (age 10) for Reader Views (4/08)

Have you ever heard of Corbin Bleu? Maybe? He is more popular as Chad from High School Musical. Do you know all of the REAL facts about Chad/Corbin? Like starring as Nathan on Flight 29 down. Did you know that February 21st is a day to celebrate his birthday? He has been involved in television and film since he was just two-years-old. He is following in his Dad’s footsteps.

If you ever wanted to read the story of his life and just what he likes and dislikes, then you will want to read “Corbin Bleu: To the Limit.” If you think he is just such an awesome guy and want to be the envy of your friends, you will want to read this book and know all the interesting facts of this great-looking guy’s life. There is a lot more to Corbin than just his good looks, acting ability and dancing ability. The sky is the limit in knowing all there is to knowing who Corbin is.  I am sure that at least one of the cool facts about him will astound you. Take him to the limit.

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