Compassionate Fairy Tales: A Mother Einhorn Collection By Lois Einhorn

Compassionate Fairy Tales: A Mother Einhorn Collection By Lois Einhorn 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Compassionate Fairy Tales: A Mother Einhorn Collection
Lois Einhorn
Robert D. Reed Publishers (2011)
ISBN 9781934759219
Reviewed by Zoey Crane (age 6) and Nana for Reader Views (4/11)

The author, Lois Einhorn, has taken our classical fairy tales and rewritten them for contemporary times in “Compassionate Fairy Tales.” Although a children’s book there are very few colorful illustrations and the wording is in small print; however, each tale has a moral teaching tool. The back of the book has a section on what all children want or need, and a section to write in about what they like to do when they have fun.


“Well it was different. The print was small and took me time to read. I liked most of the stories because they told you how to love, understand and be kind. This would help all children learn how to do this. I didn’t like “The Man with Two Wives.” I don’t think you should have two wives. Besides he was an old man and had a young wife. I didn’t understand this tale even though my Nana explained it to me. I know it talked about don’t try to impress others.”


Like Zoey said this was different. I do think the intent of the author with “Compassionate Fairy Tales” was good with teaching children about love, compassion and friendship. Zoey did ask a lot of questions about some stories. Also, even though it may true in the world, Zoey had a hard time understanding why some man would want two wives.

Editor’s comments:

Due to the content of the book it is important for the adult to read the book first before allowing the child to read it. Although the back cover indicates the book is “parent approved” not all parents feel the same way. As the reviewer indicated, there is a story of a man with two wives. There is also a reference to “lovers” in one of the Rumpelstiltskin stories. Reading the book beforehand will prepare you to discuss and explain to your child any questions that should arise.  As well, it will prepare you to re-visit your beliefs and better explain to your child the cultural differences.

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