Clovis Crawfish and His Friends (Clovis Crawfish Series)
Mary Alice Fontenot
Pelican Publishing (2009)
ISBN 9781589807624
Reviewed by Grayce Richardson (almost age 6) for Reader Views (05/10)

Grayce: “Clovis saved his friends. It was sad because he lost his claw when he pinched the bird. I learned that if a crawfish loses one claw he will grow it back big and strong as ever! I would give it five stars if it wasn’t so sad.”

Parent’s comments: “Clovis Crawfish and His Friends” is the third Clovis Crawfish book we have read in the series. They all have dramatic storylines that offer teachable moments. In this case Clovis risks life and limb (actually loses his claw) in an attempt to save his friend grasshopper from a blue jay. I think parents who have some understanding and recognition of French would find the book more compelling because I feel that I’m not grasping the depth of the story when I can’t sing a French song in the book to my child. That is not the book’s shortcoming, but my own. I would love to see these book sold as a set with a CD of all the French songs so that readers can engage with the book more.


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