Close Encounter of a Very Green Kind by Garry Errill

Close Encounter of a Very Green Kind by Garry Errill 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Close Encounter of a Very Green Kind
Garry Errill
Eco Planet Productions (2008)
ISBN 9780955973000
Reviewed by Brianne Plach (age 11) for Reader Views (1/09)


Have you ever thought that what you are you doing today could affect your life tomorrow? You aren’t only affecting your life today but that of many years down the road. You are affecting the lives of many people who will be living on the Earth after you. Garry Erill has written a very colorful and imaginative book with a great meaning behind it all.

You meet the Eco Family. The year is 2150. They aren’t real people, but robots. They have an unusual mission; they must travel back to 2008 to try and change the course of history. There hasn’t been enough conservation or recycling going on and perhaps the Eco Family can change that by visiting with a few families. Mira Stargon doesn’t want to travel back with her family since she is afraid to miss the big dance and she has asked the best looking male robot to go with her to the dance.

If you are looking for an interesting science fiction book which has a good story line, “Close Encounter of a Very Green Kind” by Garry Errill will stir your imagination. The stage for the next book in the series is set up in the last chapter of the book. “The Energy Pullers” is the next book in the series and is scheduled to be printed in 2009. I wonder if the second book will match this book at all. It just might make kids think more of preserving for tomorrow rather than just throwing things away. I enjoyed reading this book and letting my imagination run wild when thinking about what life would be like in 2150.


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