Claw of the Dragon (Endless Quest Series, Book 1) by Bruce Algozin

Claw of the Dragon (Endless Quest Series, Book 1) by Bruce Algozin 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Claw of the Dragon (Endless Quest Series, Book 1)
Bruce Algozin
Mirrorstone (2008)
ISBN 9780786947195
Reviewed by Dylan James (age 11) for Reader Views (5/08)

What will you do? Your village could be destroyed by almighty fire-breathing dragons, or your superb wit and intellect could be enough to save your home. Battling your way through endless dangers and uncountable mistakes, you will press on to save your village. With a fiery death on one end and a peaceful life on the other, a lot is at stake. Find your way to the dragon home before the deadline, and convince them that your village is innocent, or make a wrong turn and perish before your enemies. Whatever path you choose:  may luck be with you.

The cover of this book is extremely misleading and disappointed me when I actually read the book because it led me to believe that it was action-packed.  There was barely any action at all in this book.  It was a disappointment because the cover made it look like something different.  But there are great books without action and the rest of it was okay. Although the goal was almost unbelievable, I liked reading every different end to this book. This type of book, where you have decisions to make every couple of pages, is a fun book, but would have been much more fun if it would have had one or two battles in it. Then the author could ask questions like, do you want to fight this guy or do you want to run? I think it will be enjoyed by anybody below the age of ten, but ten and above might lose interest due to the lack of action.  The should-have-been-impossible goal was the worst part in the book for me. The goal and storyline have to make sense or the reader could be put off. Below ten though, the reader will not care much that the ‘bad guys’ will turn to ‘good guys’ in less than ten sentences.

With this type of book, people read for the questions and different ends.  This was done very well in this book and was my favorite part of the book.  The reader has to think about each question and is shocked with the end result of their pick.  The main thing about books like this is the questions and ends.  When you take in everything, “Claw of the Dragon” is an impressive book.

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