Chuckles and Hurricane Rita: A True Story
Minni Melton
Xlibris (2009)
ISBN 9781441562463
Reviewed by Sophia (age 6.75) and Madeline (age 8.5) McElroy for Reader Views (11/09)


Sophia: This is a cute and sad story about a cockatiel named Chuckles. There was a big storm called Hurricane Rita. The family forgot to take Chuckles with them because they were in a hurry to leave. He was really scared during the storm. This made me sad that Chuckles was alone. In the end the family made an evacuation plan for the next storm.

I like the pictures too.

Madeline: This is a non-fiction book about a bird named Chuckles who lives with his family in Texas. The family was watching the news and they said everyone had to evacuate the city because of Hurricane Rita. The next day the family packed up some of their belonging to go to Uncle Dan’s house. They forgot to take Chuckles with them.

I was happy about the ending and the drawings of Chuckles.

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