Chromatics Attack (Kindle Edition) By Karen Carr

Chromatics Attack (Kindle Edition) By Karen Carr 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Chromatics Attack (Kindle Edition)
Karen Carr
Mule Town Press (2011)
Reviewed by Madeline McElroy (age 9.5) for Reader Views (3/11)

When Emison’s mom turns into a shadow and warns her about ‘The Chromatics’ and then disappears, she must get back her mom before it’s too late. About one week after her mom was gone, two new people move in next door in her apartment. Emison must be very careful to not saying anything or her mom might be more in danger then before! The next day Emison meets her new neighbors, a boy named Adam and a girl named Missy. They were very nice and fun. She wanted to tell them about her mom becoming a shadow, but she is afraid they can’t keep a secret.

After a long day talking with her new friends, everyone goes back home. Emison wanted to find out more about the Chromatics her mom warned her about and looked them up in ‘Google.’ Some results said Color Scientists and some said a paint store. She must find more. She searched shadow people but nothing came up. The next morning Emison shows her new friends around the building and they go to the thrift store to sell some stuff for her mom. When they get there, she asked the store keeper Mr. Lewis if he knew anything about the Chromatics. He said they sounded familiar and would look at it later. After they’re done, they walk down the alley back to their apartment. In the lobby, Adam asks if they could go down to the basement and see what is there. Emison thought it might be fun so they went down. The basement had low light, very low light, and there was a big black hole in the middle of it, and a boy inside it. There was also a man talking to the boy; he said, “You can’t come into our world, it’s too dangerous.” What did he mean?

The next day Emison, Adam, and Missy go down to the thrift store again. Emison asks Mr.Lewis if he found anything about the Chromatics, and he did. He found a flyer that read, Chromatics Meeting Today Down at Harper Street at 3:00. This could be a clue to finding her mom! They sneak down to Harper and look through the window of the meeting. Who would never know it, there was that big black hole again and Adam and Missy’s babysitter Hannah! Then Emison realized her mom disappeared through a hole like that. Could it be the entrance to the shadow world! Tomorrow they plan to go back down to the basement and travel to the shadow world. When entering the shadow world, it was very dark and not a thing of life. The weird thing was that when Adam looked at the sun, it was not yellow, it was a glowing purple, and instead of burning your eyes, it was a beautiful sight. Emison knew she must stick to the case, to find her mom.

The rest of this book will leave you guessing what will happen, and what will not. “Chromatics Attack” is a great story that will keep you wanting to read more! I like this book because I love fantasy books; I think it’s so awesome for this author to make up such a cool world and such a cool book! All kids my age and older would love reading this book. I know I loved it!

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