Christmas Stable: Lift the Flap By Juliet David

Christmas Stable: Lift the Flap By Juliet David 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Christmas Stable: Lift the Flap
Juliet David
Candle Books (2011)
ISBN 9781859858929
Reviewed by Madison Schlarman (age 5) and Mom for Reader Views (10/11)

Mary and Joseph traveled to Bethlehem where baby Jesus was born.  Along the way they discover many things and so will you!  Travel with Mary and Joseph as they make their way to Bethlehem, find shelter and warmth, and celebrate the birth of Jesus!  Little hands will discover over 24 flaps to find and lift as they read the story of Jesus birth!

Madison’s thoughts:

“We have one like this, but not this one.  It’s different.  This is a flap book.  It has flaps and it’s all about baby Jesus.  The man lets them sleep in his stable.  There is a star up above and no one else knows it.  I love flap books.  I love the snails, baby and lady Mary.  I liked finding the hidden flaps.  I found them all.  One has a donkey under it with donkey feet.  It was kind of tricky.  I liked it.  The pictures were great.”

Mom’s thoughts:

The “Christmas Stable” flap book has sturdier construction that its predecessor.  The last flap book we reviewed from Candle Books broke in the first reading session.  Both my girls were being careful with the flaps, but they came off.  This book, however, has better glue and is more challenging.  Though the flaps have remained the same, they are well hidden within the colors of the illustrations, making them harder to find and more intriguing to search for.  The flaps themselves are holding up quite nicely after multiple reads!  The quality of the glue holding the flaps to the page is much better than before.

In addition to the flap fun, the story is beautifully written and well structured.  The illustrations are wonderful.  I absolutely enjoyed them and so did my daughters.  I would recommend “Christmas Stable” to other parents.

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