Champions of the Ocean (Earth Heroes Series) by Fran Hodgkins

Champions of the Ocean (Earth Heroes Series) by Fran Hodgkins 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Champions of the Ocean (Earth Heroes Series)
Fran Hodgkins
Dawn Publications (2009)
ISBN 9781584691198
Reviewed by Dylan James (age 13) for Reader Views (10/09)


Don’t you ever wonder what it’s like to be a great explorer or scientist?  How did people invent submarines?  When did people decide to learn about the deep ocean seas? How was scuba gear invented?  All these questions and much more are answered and explained thoroughly in “Champions of the Ocean!”  Reading about all these adventurers’ lives make you realize that all these people were just like you when they were growing up!  All of their achievements and recognition started with just one idea. Think about it; what will your great idea be?

“Champions of the Ocean” explains famous scientists’ lives and ideas in a brilliant kid-friendly way!  Most kids I know don’t like school or anything to do with school, but the author, Fran Hodgkins, wrote this book in such a way that I forgot I was reviewing it. It made me think about the scientists’ lives.  It made me wonder if I could ever be an explorer, and above all, it showed how easy it is to accomplish what you want if you set your mind to it.  I also found the journeys and explorations of the scientists absolutely fascinating.

The only bad thing I have to say about this book is about the pictures. The pictures were good, but there were not many at all.  I think more pictures about what the scientists are doing and about the creatures they find will be both more exciting and kid-friendly.

I definitely recommend “Champions of the Ocean” by Fran Hodgkins to anyone who enjoys adventure!  Both boys and girls will find this interesting.  There are just as many girl scientists as boy scientists, and all of them do many interesting things!

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