“CeeGee’s Gift” by Joy H. Selak

“CeeGee’s Gift” by Joy H. Selak 324 499 Reader Views Kids

CeeGee’s Gift
Joy H. Selak
JoyWrites (2019)
ISBN 9781732283107
Reviewed by Ciara (age 13) for Reader Views Kids

“CeeGee’s Gift” by Joy H. Selak was an emotional roller coaster for me. Some of the parts in the story were so sad, but at the same time filled with hope. CeeGee has a gift, she can see things before they happen. She feels as if this gift is a curse, one that she has no control over. Until she meets Mr. Tindale who she confides her “knowings” to. Together they try and use her gift to help people better their lives, no matter how hopeless they seem.

I liked how the story took place in such a quaint town, where everyone seemed like family. If something happened, the people of Southport were there for you, and CeeGee was one of those people. It was so sad to read about all the things that happened to the people in this town but CeeGee’s gift turned the sad into good. This is one of those books that after reading it, you think about for hours, going over the lives of the people you just read about and how their stories turned out. I have a greater appreciation for the saying, “Every cloud has a silver lining.”

My favorite character in the story was CeeGee, but at the same time I don’t think I would have liked her gift. I would be worrying about people all the time and trying to help them before they got into trouble. Way too much pressure for me. But the story, even though fiction, made me worry about the outcome of these characters.

I am glad that the author finished the book the way she did, and the reader could see a timeline of the events in the town and how things turned out for the people in Southport. How their lives were changed just because of the kindness of this little girl.

“CeeGee’s Gift”, by Joy H. Selak is a book that will stay with the reader long after you are done. It is a feeling of inspiration and love and one that I am glad I experienced.

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