Cat’s Got My Tongue! by Carolyn Ortiz

Cat’s Got My Tongue! by Carolyn Ortiz 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Cat’s Got My Tongue!
Carolyn Ortiz
AuthorHouse (2005)
ISBN 9781420878516
Reviewed by Sophia (age 6) and Madeline (age 7.5) McElroy for Reader Views (2/09)


Madeline: This is a funny story about a shy girl named Emma. On the first day of school the cat steals her tongue! She couldn’t say anything because she was afraid that kids might laugh at her on the first day of school. She figures out how to get her tongue back while talking to herself in the mirror after school. Emma realized that she could do lots of things that other kids were not able to do. She also told herself that everyone is not perfect and that she could just be herself.

My favorite part of the story is when the cat was holding Emma’s tongue in a box while they were on the school bus. A little girl had asked Emma what her name was and she couldn’t speak. There is also a really funny picture!

I am not a shy person and neither is my sister anymore.  We do have friends who can be quiet and shy. I think being shy would be hard because you would feel disappointed and sad because you probably couldn’t talk to anybody. I think this book is good for shy kids to know that they don’t have to worry.

Sophia: My favorite part of the story is when the cat is on top of the milk machine in the lunchroom holding Emma’s tongue in the box and waving it all around. My favorite picture is the picture Emma drew of the cat for show and tell. She told the class that the cat took a part of her the day before and it took her all day to get it back. “Cat’s Got My Tongue!” by Carolyn Ortiz is a funny book it made me laugh.

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