“Dr. Fell and the Playground of Doom” by David Neilsen

DR. FELL AND THE PLAYGROUND OF DOOM David Neilsen Yearling Mystery (2017) ISBN 9781101935811 Reviewed by Autumn Stout (age 12) for Reader Views (02/18) “Dr. Fell and […]

“Nickerbacher” by Terry John Barto

NICKERBACHER Terry John Barto TJB Kids 2016 ISBN 9781944878276 Reviewed by Paola Belloso (age 10) For Reader Views (2/18) “Nickerbacher” by Terry John Barto is the story […]

“Pirates Attack: A Knookerdoodle Adventure” by Laura Henderson

PIRATES ATTACK: A KNOOKERDOODLE ADVENTURE Laura Henderson 1105 West House (2017) ISBN 9780997617221 Reviewed by Paola Belloso (age 10) for Reader Views (2/18) “Pirates Attack: A Knookerdoodle […]

“The Great Sugar War” by Benjamin Ellefson

THE GREAT SUGAR WAR Benjamin Ellefson Beaver’s Pond Press (2016) ISBN 9781592986323 Reviewed by Marten Weldon (age 13) for Reader Views (1/18) “The Great Sugar War” by […]

“Shimji: The Channel Island Vixen” by Christina Steiner

SHIMJI: THE CHANNEL ISLAND VIXEN Christina Steiner Outskirts Press (2017) ISBN 9781478787082 Reviewed by Rose Whitacre (age 7) for Reader Views Kids “Shimji: The Channel Island Vixen” […]

“The Peculiar Haunting of Thelma Bee” by Erin Petti

THE PECULIAR HAUNTING OF THELMA BEE Erin Petti Mighty Media Junior Readers (2016) ISBN 9781938063725 Reviewed by Ciara Stout (age 10) for Reader Views (11/17) “The Peculiar […]

“Neuron Galaxy” by Jay Leibold

NEURON GALAXY Jay Leibold Morphonix LLC (2016) ISBN 9780692747667 Reviewed by Rose Whitacre (age 7) for Reader Views (11/17) “Neuron Galaxy” by Jay Leibold is a brainy […]

“The Frog Who Was Blue” by Faiz Kermani

THE FROG WHO WAS BLUE Faiz Kermani Troubador Publishing (2017) ISBN 9781785899959 Reviewed by Willow Cramer (Age 8) for Reader Views Kids (10/17) “The Frog Who Was […]

“Queen Vernita Journeys on an Old-Fashioned Paddleboat” by Dr. Dawn Menge

QUEEN VERNITA JOURNEYS ON AN OLD-FASHIONED PADDLEBOAT Dr. Dawn Menge Dr. Dawn Menge (2017) ISBN 9780998097800 Reviewed by Willow Cramer (Age 8) for Reader Views Kids (8/17) […]

“The Portal: The CORT Chronicles Book 1” by David D. Bernstein

THE PORTAL: THE CORT CHRONICLES BOOK 1 David D. Bernstein Outskirts Press (2017) ISBN 9781478783107 Reviewed by Marten Weldon (age 12) for Reader Views (09/17) […]

“Veronica and the Volcano” by Geoffrey Cook

VERONICA AND THE VOLCANO Geoffrey Cook Violet Moon LLC (2017) ISBN 9780692892008 Reviewed by Paola Belloso (age 9) for Reader Views (07/17) In “Veronica and the Volcano” […]

“The Seasons of a Giant” by Pamela Hartley

THE SEASONS OF A GIANT Pamela Hartley CreateSpace (2017) ISBN 9781542385831 Reviewed by Marten Weldon (age 12) for Reader Views (7/17) “The Seasons of a Giant” by […]

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