“Gracie and the Radar Girls,” written by Karen J. Moore and illustrated by Lyn Meredith, is the story of Grace Hudlow and her experience during WWII as a Radar Girl. The story tells about the pivotal role of the WARD (Women’s Air Raid Defense) in the war efforts. Gracie was only 16 years old the day she learned Pearl Harbor was under attack. When President Roosevelt declared war, everyone was called to do their part. After graduation, Gracie heard of efforts recruiting women to assist with vital top-secret jobs in the Hawaiian Islands. Gracie was interviewed and investigated by the FBI and accepted for the job! She became part of the Women’s Air Raid Defense, and she and the other women recruited worked in an underground bomb-proof tunnel that was code named LIZARD! The training was intense, and the women had to learn a new technology: RADAR: Radio Air Detection and Ranging. Known as Shuffleboard Pilots, the women of WARD played an essential role for the United States and were respected and celebrated when they returned home after the war ended.
"Fight or Flight: Double O'Two Mysteries" by twin sisters Ja'Naya and Jay'Den-Alexis, otherwise known as Double Blessing, is a beguiling children's mystery chock-full of witty dialogue, drama, and action. The authors carve out the storyline in such a professional but comic manner that leaves a longing for the next chapter in anticipation and advent.
"Where the sand shifted underneath, the water looked silvery white, as grainy as an old photograph of the desert. Where the turtle grads waved in the tide, it was the bleached green of a hazy summer morning." That lyrical description and impressive imagery of the tropical islands open up Peter W. Fong's wonderfully atmospheric text "The Coconut Crab".
"A Bowl Full of Blah" by Terry Varner tells the story of a little boy named Zeke and the unexpected pet he wins at a county fair, which is a fish. You know, the kind you win at a ring-toss game. While a lot of children wish their first pet could be a puppy or kitten to call their own, this story explores what it would be like to have an unconventional pet.
"Danger Peak" is a great and adventurous book that always keeps you on your toes. It is about a boy, Robert, and his friends, who dream of climbing the mountain that lives up to its name, Danger Peak. Robert's brother died trying to climb the infamous peak, which motivates Robert all the more.
is three stories in one—all about the life of A.I. Squirrels. What are A.I. Squirrels, you may ask? They are technically designed to copy humans and the way we think. Sounds impossible? Not when you read this interesting and unique book. You too may come to believe that these little creatures could be real.
Through themes of teamwork, responsibility, patience and support for one another, the Martinez kids take readers on a unique adventure as they learn about two different locations and cultures over 2,500 miles apart. Gomez incorporates Spanish into the text organically through the characters so readers glean the meanings naturally over the course of the story.
Included in the Science Wide Open series, this particular offering packs so much information and beauty into such a compact children's book. The book is a near-encyclopedic reference book for children on women botanists and how they changed the world with the botanical work they carried out.
“Nurse Florence, How Do We Feel Pain?” is part of the Nurse Florence Children’s Book Series by Michael Dow. With over 20 books in the collection, Michael Dow has created an exemplary resource of health, wellness, and science for kids.
“Emma Murphy and the Ultimate Power” is an engaging sci-fi book for upper middle grade and young adults. With flawless world-building by the author, readers will easily be transported onto the island—a place of portals, larger-than-life creatures, and extraterrestrial activity. Told from the third-person perspective, the introverted-human-turned-alien-heir Emma shows us what it’s like to be thrust into the unknown and question everything she ever thought true.
When Timothy spots a shooting star, he grabs the opportunity and wishes for it to snow. He can hardly believe his eyes when the next morning he awakens to a flurry of white! However, what seems like a blessing soon turns into a curse when the miraculous snowstorm is still there the next day and is showing no signs of letting up. Our bird-based hero must find a way to stop the never-ending snowstorm before the town is buried forever.
This kickoff to an exciting new series promises to be full of adventure, following the Stonehart kids as they travel to exciting events in time, using their knowledge, what’s packed in their backpacks, and each other’s skill sets to solve any challenges they face along the way. The sibling rivalry, comradery, and teamwork lend to a perfect family read.
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