“The Wonder Wig” by Dr. Shon Shree Lewis
“The Wonder Wig” by Dr. Shon Shree Lewis 642 1024 Reader Views Kids
o impress a boy she likes, Brooke Bell sneaks one of her mom’s glorious wigs and wears it to school. At first, she gives off quite the impression, but then the wig slips off her head and all is lost. After school, she heads to her grandparents’ house where she is greeted with love and understanding. However, when she confesses to her mother that she took one of her mother’s wigs, her mother is upset not only by Brooke taking a wig without permission but because Brooke is growing up before her eyes. This causes a rift between Brooke and her mother. read more
“Bill’s Magic Box II” by R.C. Hammond
“Bill’s Magic Box II” by R.C. Hammond 716 1024 Reader Views Kids
What would you do if pirates buried treasure in your backyard? Would you like to hear the story of a boy who was blown away by the wind? And what kinds of words are used for groups of animals? These are just some of the topics young readers get to explore in the poems included in the poetry book, “Bill’s Magic Box II: Stories for Children” by R.C. Hammond. With colorful verses and whimsical ideas, these poems are delightful and fun to read. The poems are all about things that a young child may find interesting, especially the poems that tell a story. read more
“Shadow Runner” by K.J. Fieler
“Shadow Runner” by K.J. Fieler 683 1024 Reader Views Kids
Shadow Runner by K. J. Fieler is a riveting novel with twists and turns until the very end. The story follows Ada, a young aristocrat in Victorian England who longs for freedom. Her life changes dramatically when a mysterious visitor and supernatural events thrust her into the hands of a secret society. Trained as an assassin, Ada must target the very nobility she was born into. read more
“Lizard Larson and the Time Keeper” by Gary Natoli
“Lizard Larson and the Time Keeper” by Gary Natoli 683 1024 Reader Views Kids
Elizabeth Larson is a typical 14-year-old girl in New York City – she feels misunderstood and different and is attempting to balance school and home life with varying success; she also prefers to be identified by a different name – Lizard. She differs from a typical 14-year-old by having unique time-altering abilities and the hand-selected task, given by the mysterious Time Keeper, of saving her parents and the world. Assuming this is a solo mission, she learns to entrust the help of her best friend, crush, and so-so girl as they take on the futuristic enemies of deception, power, and time travel. Lizard perfects how to learn from her mistakes and the importance of leading with your gut.   read more
“Sophie the Monarch Butterfly” by Celia Straus
“Sophie the Monarch Butterfly” by Celia Straus 819 1024 Reader Views Kids
“Sophie the Monarch Butterfly: Mission to Mexico” follows a precocious monarch butterfly from the moment she hatches to the end of her life cycle, following her journey through many obstacles and challenging the disbeliefs of her community. “Sophie the Monarch Butterfly” is a touching story about believing in yourself and being a leader in your community, while also providing readers with information about monarch butterflies and their annual migration patterns. read more
“Sophie the Monarch Butterfly” by Celia Straus
“Sophie the Monarch Butterfly” by Celia Straus 819 1024 Reader Views Kids
Sophie, a monarch butterfly, bears an unusual marking on her wing—an eye that serves as a compass. When small, soft-spoken Sophie realizes her power, she is confident she can lead the way as the group of monarch butterflies migrate to Mexico. Some of the bigger butterflies underestimate her ability, but Sophie is vindicated when powerful winds threaten their flight, and she leads them to safety. Yet navigating the perils of predators, frigid weather, and spoiled milkweed continues to test Sophie and the monarchs. read more