“Spinner,” is the first book in Michael J. Bowler’s sensational new series for young adults, The Healer Chronicles. Coming of age horror? Sounds good to us!
A great choice for older teens, and even for high school social studies curriculums, “The Vanishing” by David Michael Slater is a valuable read for all. In it, we are reminded again, and again, that one person really can make a difference, even if it’s just in the life of one other person. We all have the power to be someone else’s angel. We all have the choice to make our memories be for a blessing.
"Blind the Eyes: A Haunting YA Urban Fantasy (Threads of Dreams Book 1)," by K.A. Wiggins, is a dark fantasy novel about a teenage girl named Cole.
In the very beginning of this poignant book, a quote is offered from one of the characters by the name of Crystal Rose: “We all need to be held and loved. Why do people take issue with who does the holding?” And after that important thought, the book speeds forward to tell a tale of kindness, anger, judgment, love, abuse, drama and more, by utilizing a great plot and equally great characters.
"Resumes for Children - 17 Years Old and Under" by Donna Kristine Manley, is a fresh and intriguing way to help your child succeed in life. Resumes can be an important part of becoming a success in the future, or even searching for that first job just after high school for that matter.
"The Fragrance of a Girl's World," by Donna Kristine Manley, is an award-winning, encouraging guide to help girls recognize their uniqueness and enjoy life. Comprised of 33 meaningful affirmations ranging from "The Fragrance of God" to "The Fragrance of a Great Work Ethic," this book serves as a beautifully conceived self-help tool.
“Good Pals” by Michael C. Barrett is told in alternating chapters by two high school students: Nick and Rachel. Rachel is from a wealthier family and is still reeling from her father’s marriage to a woman young enough to be her sister. Nick has largely been raised by an uncle after being neglected by parents who were, unfortunately, victims of addiction and substance abuse.
“Blue” by L.E. Delano is an intense and completely engrossing YA novel about perspective.
This is not a guide for parents who are pulling out their hair trying to figure out what to do about that ridiculous boyfriend who can’t seem to pull up his pants and put a belt on (even though the 80s are so over), or how to manage everything from bullies to “F” grades that are appearing on report cards. No, Mr. Schaefer says that he wrote this book in order for adolescents to be able to calm themselves when chaos reigns in those teen years filled with chaos.
“Knights of the Alliance” is the first novel of a planned YA fantasy trilogy.
By utilizing friendly butterflies, smiling grasshoppers, ladybugs, earthworms and more, children can explore their adoption/kinship journey with their families; while adopted parents and caregivers can answer the questions kids have about their own distinctive paths, and make them feel comfortable.
“Ski Weekend: A Novel” is a YA thriller that will have you biting your nails down to stubs. Life hangs in the balance, but so do friendships and maybe even hope itself. This compelling story follows six teenagers on a weekend ski trip that turns incredibly wrong.
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