Fourteen-year-old Mathew has just one wish: to get away from his parents and annoying younger brother, and to have his own adventure. On a family camping trip, Matt meets a strange looking magical dog while walking through the woods. Before he realizes it, Matt finds himself transported to an ancient medieval realm full of witches, spells, and dangerous rivalries, kings, knights, and enchanted castles. But unfortunately, not all is well in the Kingdom! When Mathew finds himself going up against a powerful enemy only he can defeat, you might say it would be wise to heed this warning: be careful what you wish for!
Mystical and expressive, Michael Bialys' fantastical feat follows a young teen who, with the help of her friends, endeavors to seek back her father's soul and protect her two siblings from the threat of a vengeful villain. "The Chronicles of The Virago: Book III the Triumviratus" is the third volume in the series and can be read as a standalone novel. Makenna Grace Gold, The Virago, and a "Protector of Protectors" had just conquered an enormous seven-headed dragon, lying high in the sky over Shanghai's Huangpu River in China.
I love to read a book that is well written, fun, enchanting, and has a purpose for being written. In her first book, Natacha Belair has successfully given me all of these reasons to read, plus some, and I am thrilled. In “A Stellar Purpose,” we are introduced to Avery, who is a normal 15-year-old with all the normal problems and enjoyable moments. Avery has a boyfriend she adores but cannot quite figure out why he is with her, a best friend who she adores but finds out cannot always be trusted, a great family with an annoying younger sister, and a love for animals which leads her to a wonderful job – or so she thought. In addition to all of this, each time that Avery falls asleep she is led to an alternate dimension on earth where she finds out there is a whole group of people, her grandmother who passed away years ago included, whose goal is to save the planet. Avery finds herself among them and learns that her purpose in this life is to protect animals.
Paranormal fantasy fans take note—author Billy Kramer makes an impressive entrance into the world of YA fantasy with his explosive debut novel, “The First Assignment.”
When the truth is exposed, everything will change. Between the Dark Spaces is a gritty, young adult book about revenge and unearthing secrets.
This is the story of Cassady and Kevin, two teenage boys living through the insane time that was the late 60s and early 70s and forming a friendship that they both thought would never end. These boys, during the heat of the summer of 1969, sneak into one of the MGM theaters backlots. Where else could you do that but Culver City? Along the way, they meet new friends, or so they believe, in the paranormal world who have been dead for a very long time. People like Scarlett O’Hara, Ashley Wilkes, and the Three Musketeers, just to name a few. They find old and decaying movies sets that, as soon as they step into this new world, become new and beautiful again.
Author Michele Kwasniewski wrote “Rising Star” after more than a decade of experience working as a film set assistant, production manager and member of the Producers Guild of America. In her debut novel, “Rising Star” her firsthand experience is fully displayed as she crafts nuanced characters and dramatically realistic scenarios and relationships. 
"Danger Peak" is a great and adventurous book that always keeps you on your toes. It is about a boy, Robert, and his friends, who dream of climbing the mountain that lives up to its name, Danger Peak. Robert's brother died trying to climb the infamous peak, which motivates Robert all the more.
"Ichiro and the Great Mountain" is a thought-provoking book with a simple plot, yet a hidden message. The book is about a boy named Ichiro who lives on the shores of the Great Mountain and is happy but grows restless. When something new comes along, like a boat or a house, he asks about it, then asks if the people working on it are happy. He then goes there, and the cycle continues, eventually leading back home.
“Emma Murphy and the Ultimate Power” is an engaging sci-fi book for upper middle grade and young adults. With flawless world-building by the author, readers will easily be transported onto the island—a place of portals, larger-than-life creatures, and extraterrestrial activity. Told from the third-person perspective, the introverted-human-turned-alien-heir Emma shows us what it’s like to be thrust into the unknown and question everything she ever thought true.
Dr. Sam Newson has brought to life the legends of the Outer Banks of NC. He grew up in North Carolina, so he has personal knowledge of the setting he chose for “Boy in the Treetops.”
“Red on White” by author J.P. Biddlecome, is a fascinating journey through the eyes of 15-year-old James Anderson and his quest to survive an earthquake ‘alone’.
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