“Rebirth of Meredith Hallow” by Suz Eglington
“Rebirth of Meredith Hallow” by Suz Eglington 683 1024 Reader Views Kids
Up until the age of 16, Kiara Noir lived a quiet existence on a reservation in Colorado, growing produce with her mother. Soon after, she learned that she is really a princess from another world, destined to become a Blood Queen, the rarest and most powerful type of queen. Thrown into this strange new world, Kiara has to learn to master her elemental powers, as well as the workings of her vast kingdom. She has her mother’s support, but after taking the position of heir to the throne from her cousin Katana, the other princess has become a dangerous enemy. With constant attempts on her life, Kiara had better learn how to tell friend from foe very quickly, or else she won’t live to begin her reign in Homeland Castle. read more
“Skyler & Kina” by Michael C. Barrett
“Skyler & Kina” by Michael C. Barrett 663 1024 Reader Views Kids
“Skyler & Kina” is the third book in Michael C. Barrett’s Little Bram series.  Skyler Bram is excited to start her Junior year at Regent High along with her sister, Kina Dunlap.  In the honeymoon phase of a new relationship with her first girlfriend, Bailey, and armed with a throng of loyal, passionate friends, she is ready for anything the crazy year might throw at her.  Whether it is school dances, learning how to stand up for herself, or working at her parents’ video store, it seems like there is nothing she cannot handle and that everything is as it should be.  As any teenager comes to learn, however, all good things must come to an end sometimes, even if you could have never imagined that end coming. read more