“Lizard Larson and the Time Keeper” by Gary Natoli
“Lizard Larson and the Time Keeper” by Gary Natoli 683 1024 Reader Views Kids
Elizabeth Larson is a typical 14-year-old girl in New York City – she feels misunderstood and different and is attempting to balance school and home life with varying success; she also prefers to be identified by a different name – Lizard. She differs from a typical 14-year-old by having unique time-altering abilities and the hand-selected task, given by the mysterious Time Keeper, of saving her parents and the world. Assuming this is a solo mission, she learns to entrust the help of her best friend, crush, and so-so girl as they take on the futuristic enemies of deception, power, and time travel. Lizard perfects how to learn from her mistakes and the importance of leading with your gut.   read more