“Monday’s Ball” by Segun O. Mosuro

Monday’s Ball Segun O. Mosuro Plasmoid9 Productions Limited (2018) ISBN 9789789655632 Reviewed by Eliana (age 8) and Serenity (age 6) for Reader Views Kids (1/19) […]

“Ellie’s Car Kindergarten” by Lee Zee

Ellie’s Car Kindergarten Lee Zee Words Art Vision LLC (2018) ISBN 9781732587908 Reviewed by Serenity (age 6) and Eliana (age 8) for Reader Views Kids […]

“The Lamb, the Truck, and the Little Blue House” by Mary Maude Mayer

The Lamb, the Truck, and the Little Blue House Mary Maude Mayer Outskirts Press (2018) ISBN 9781977200365 Reviewed by Alyvia (age 10) for Reader Views […]

“Reindolphins: A Christmas Tale” by Kevin Brougher

Reindolphins: A Christmas Tale Kevin Brougher Missing Piece Press, LLC (2016) ISBN 9780997795905 Reviewed by Eliana (age 8) for Reader Views Kids (12/18) When everyone […]

Elf Pets: “A Saint Bernard Tradition” by Chanda A. Bell

Elf on The Shelf EPSB Pets: A St. Bernard Tradition Plush Chanda A. Bell CCA and B, LLC. Publication 2015 ISBN 9780997092028 Reviewed by Evan […]

“Raina’s (Un) Happy Birthday” by Britta Stromeyer Esmail

Raina’s (Un) Happy Birthday Britta Stromeyer Esmail Balboa Press (2018) ISBN 9781982203672 Reviewed by Eliana (age 8) and Noelle (big sister) (11/18) Today is Raina’s […]

“Light Up the States” by Debbie Hoven

Light Up the States Debbie Hoven Beaver’s Pond Press (2018) ISBN 9781592987283 Reviewed by Eliana (age 8) and Emilee (big sister) (11/18) In “Light Up […]

“Animal Mash-Up” by Jean Kingston

Animal Mash-Up Jean Kingston Sword & Spoon Group (2018) ISBN 9781732019607 Reviewed by Eliana (8) Serenity (6) and Noelle (big sister) for Reader Views Kids […]

“Peanut” by David D. Bernstein

PEANUT David D. Bernstein Outskirts Press (2018) ISBN 9781478794837 Reviewed by Eliana (age 7), and Noelle (big sister) for Reader Views Kids (9/18) “Peanut” by […]

“Wex’s Wacky Adventure to Koma Keone Island” by Michael Joffroy

WEX’S WACKY ADVENTURE TO KOMA KEONE ISLAND Michael Joffroy Halo Publishing International (2018) ISBN 9781612446394 Reviewed by Alyvia (age 10) for Reader Views Kids (8/18) “Wex’s Wacky […]

“The Adventures of the Rabbits in the Most Magical Place on Earth” by Austin and Tyler Reich

THE ADVENTURES OF THE RABBITS IN THE MOST MAGICAL PLACE ON EARTH Austin Reich and Tyler Reich Momosa Publishing LLC (2017) ISBN 9780997080889 Reviewed by Charlotte Stone (age 9) […]

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