“What I Tell Myself First” by Michael A. Brown is a much-needed tool for educators and parents trying to promote the development of self-esteem in their students and children.
“Poetic Science of Water” by A.C. Lemonwood is a children’s book all about water. The book teaches the reader things about water that has to do with biology, earth science, chemistry, and environmental science.
: “From God to Us” has a wonderful message for people of all ages to learn and/or be reminded of. I loved how the message empowers people to realize their uniqueness and how, because of this, we truly are special because our actions and contributions are up to us since there is no other us around to do it.
Oak Street Treehouse: The Day They Messaged GodDick DanielsIndependently Published (2018-2019)ISBN 9780578449500Reviewed by Lydia (age 5) for Reader Views Kids […]
Rowdy RandyCasey Day RislovCasey Rislov Books (2019)ISBN 9780578429458Reviewed by Lydia (age 5) for Reader Views Kids (1/2020) “Rowdy Randy” by […]
David has trouble focusing and paying attention at school. The beginning of the book describes what David does or doesn’t do because of his ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), and it is neat how the other kids in his class are very understanding and do not get mad at him for no reason.
Maudie, the Parakeet, and the Fire DrillMary Maude MayerOutskirts Press (2018)ISBN 9781977200563Reviewed by Eliana (age 9) for Reader Views Kids […]
In the Nick of TimeDeedee CummingsMake A Way Media, LLC (2019)ISBN 9781951218201Reviewed by Eve Panzer for the Barefoot Librarian and […]
Beverlee Beaz the Brown BurmeseRegan W.H. MacaulayMirror World Publishing (2019)ISBN: 9781987976526Reviewed by Lydia Dehning (age 5) for Reader Views Kids […]
Over on a Desert Somewhere in the World Marianne Berkes Dawn Publications (2018) ISBN 9781584696308 Reviewed by Lydia Dehning (age […]
The Draco Twins Turn Bullies into BuddiesCarol BasileDragon Gate Media (2019)ISBN 9781732435971Reviewed by Lydia Dehning (age 6) for Reader Views […]
The Christmas HouseLaura St. JohnSky Sun Publishing (2018)ISBN 9780578202471Reviewed by Lydia Dehning for Reader Views Kids (11/19) In “The Christmas […]
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