“Zapped” by Prudence Breitrose
“Zapped” by Prudence Breitrose 663 1024 Reader Views Kids
There’s no Mickey Gerbil. Gerbils never get to star in children’s books or drive cars and are never depicted as knights rescuing princesses. In short, gerbils feel disrespected. But everything changes for the gerbils when Joe Newman’s father invents the Nanozap – a device that can shrink anything to the perfect size for these slighted rodents. A group of gerbils, with the help of Joe and a gerbil so smart he’s known as Einstein, sneak to the Nanozap and begin shrinking. But when messages from Lord Travis, the gerbil leader, suddenly change tone, it’s up to this unlikely group to save the gerbils’ world! read more
“A Chance to Love” by Jestina Hodge-Pais
“A Chance to Love” by Jestina Hodge-Pais 1000 1000 Reader Views Kids
The term “family” has various definitions, depending on the person asked and their life experiences. Veering more toward “traditional,” a family would include a dad, mom, and at least one child; maybe grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, too. A more “modern” view could be any number of people included – the options of dual/single parents, being a hetero- or homo-sexual couple, and friends who provide support and encouragement might be on the list, as well. While individual situations aren’t perfect, and people have little control over other’s actions and decisions, it is no secret that the most secure and foundational “family” includes two loving parents who teach the child(ren) verbally and nonverbally, both socially and emotionally. read more
“Livy Little Honey Bee” by Celia Straus
“Livy Little Honey Bee” by Celia Straus 819 1024 Reader Views Kids
When Livy, the little honey bee, gets in trouble for not working as hard as the other little honey bees in her hive, she has to answer to the Queen explaining why she isn’t working to her potential in “Livy Little Honey Bee” by author Celia Straus. She explains that she has so much fun flying around looking at all the colorful flowers that she doesn’t really want to collect pollen and nectar like her fellow honey bees. She also tells the Queen that she wants to be just as colorful as some of the beautiful flowers she finds while flying around. The Queen has a hard decision to make regarding what to do with Livy. Does the Queen tell Livy that she must collect pollen and nectar like the other honey bees in the hive? Or does the Queen allow Livy to do another job that’s more appealing to her? read more
“A Chance to Love” by Jestina Hodge-Pais
“A Chance to Love” by Jestina Hodge-Pais 1000 1000 Reader Views Kids
“A Chance to Love,” by Jestina Hodge-Pais, illustrated by Annabelle Zhang, is a warm, helpful children’s book with a great big message for young readers: children everywhere want and need to be heard, especially children living in single-parent homes. Meet Kiconco, who will be celebrating her 10th birthday with a party. Most of her family will be there, and she likes spending time with them, but who she really wants to spend time with is her dad, who never visits her or has contact with her. She feels lonely and unhappy because of it. read more
“The Four Curious Bears” by Kelly Rosa
“The Four Curious Bears” by Kelly Rosa 1024 1024 Reader Views Kids
A great big Momma Bear lived in the forest with her four aptly named cubs, Who, What, Why, and Where.  These cubs were curious.  Always asking questions like “Who wakes the sun?” “What makes the stars twinkle?” Why is the moon so full?” And “Where does it tinkle?”  These questions are always answered by the great big Momma Bear as they go about their days and nights.  Curiosity and adventure meant there was never a dull moment for the cubs’ Momma.  read more
“Ria and Vik’s Seasonal Adventures” by Neeti Agarwal
“Ria and Vik’s Seasonal Adventures” by Neeti Agarwal 1000 1000 Reader Views Kids
“Ria and Vik’s Seasonal Adventures (Ria and Vik’s Explorations, Book 1)” by Neeti Agarwal, is an exciting seasonal learning adventure for children. We are introduced to best friends, Ria and Vik, who learn a lot by exploring new things and finding adventure. They are curious children, and this time they want to know why the weather changes. Mrs. Johnson is their teacher, who explains the idea of what the seasons are, which sparks quite an interest in the children. The two participate in a fun project led by their teacher. read more