Picture books are great vehicles to introduce children to a variety of topics.  However, since picture books are so short, it is quite challenging to effectively relay multiple messages in one story. Nevertheless, Dr. Rosie Helps the Animals successfully relays several messages to its young audience – including empowering girls, building self-esteem and confidence, problem-solving, treating animals with empathy and respect, embracing curiosity, and using your imagination.
Creative learning about other countries through the eyes of an adventurous Pomeranian named Winston!
There is a dearth of children’s books focused on women in science, so this book is much needed and appreciated. However, it goes beyond just filling in a gap. So much consideration and thoughtfulness have gone into this STEM book! It is a well-thought-out, well-written, well-constructed book that is engaging and informative.
“Dinopotamus Solves a Mystery” is a simple story, but it still works as well as a complicated one. The concept of how bigger things produce more heat is an educational one that isn’t bad for kids to learn.
"Let's Tour the World: A Globe Adventure" by Theresa Lynn is the story of a young boy who uses his imagination and a globe with special powers to plan his family's summer vacation.
"Tree Spirits" by Louise Wannier is a stunningly beautiful storybook with characters formed by nature and revisioned by an artistic eye to show hidden animal designs in tree trunks. The story is rhythmic and challenges the reader to look further into the natural world around them. Each page shows a photograph of a tree and asks the child what form they see in the bark.
"Pebbles and the Biggest Number" by Joey Benun is an adorable children's story full of educational opportunities for numerous age groups and education levels. A curious little butterfly's quest to learn all about numbers also ventures into environmental science, anatomy, vocabulary, and meteorology. During Pebbles the Butterfly's investigation of how big a number can get, he visits different climates, ecosystems, and animals as he learns about measurements, temperatures, and numeric values. He faces climate challenges from deserts to the arctic, as well as difficult weather situations such as extreme heat and hurricanes.
Jill is a 10-year-old girl who was born deaf. She wears a cochlear implant, which helps her to hear most sounds around her. Up until now, she attended a School For the Deaf, but now she is enrolled at a mainstream school and today is her first day. In “Jill’s First Day of School: Based on a True Story of a 10-Year-Old Deaf Girl,” Jill is nervous about how she will manage life at a new school and she worries if the hearing kids at her new school will like her and accept her. She also has the opportunity to share about her disability with the new people she meets at this school.
he Little Girl by H. Pham-Fraser is a beautiful story for young children that helps to impress upon them the importance of identity and how much it is the center of belonging, no matter where you are. I think that this is a story that should be read by or to all children, and adults, to help them understand valuable lessons about how important it is to be accepting of others, even if they are different from you, and also how important it is to be kind.
An Adorable Story That Teaches Self Love Sarah Vie's children's book, "Let Your Inner Golden Sparkle Shine," is a visually beautiful story with an important theme every parent should share with their child. The story follows a little girl who uses her golden sparkle to face her fears and never stops believing in herself. The illustrations stunningly display scenes as learning lessons and teaching opportunities. Author Sarah Vie constructs the story around her belief that "every person is rooted in love, and when we tune into the songs of our heart, we won't ever forget who we truly are."
Emotions are part of our everyday lives, but at times it feels like they are controlling how we think and act to the point where we feel like we're not in control anymore. "There's A Monster in My Cupboard: Emotions: our brain, our body, and our feelings" by Susannah Nilsen is a profound text for young readers that explores different moods and feelings and how the human mind processes and generates them, based on sensory data and experiences.
“Nurse Florence, How Do We Keep Our Balance?” is just one of many Nurse Florence books in the series. Educating young readers in a variety of topics, author Michael Dow takes complex topics and makes them accessible and understandable for the masses.
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