“Luka and Little Feather” by Ashlee Alicea
“Luka and Little Feather” by Ashlee Alicea 753 1024 Reader Views Kids
On a walk to collect rocks to either skip or paint, First Nations child Luka comes upon a yotnAyátku or “wishing stone.” Although unconvinced that it is magical, she shares it with her sister, Little Feather, that evening. The two sisters decide to try a wish out and they pick the one dearest to their hearts: to see the ocean. At first, nothing seems to have happened, and the sisters go to sleep thinking nothing more of it. However, when they awaken, they have been magically transported underwater and fantastically sprouted tails so they can swim with ease. read more
“Sophie the Monarch Butterfly” by Celia Straus
“Sophie the Monarch Butterfly” by Celia Straus 819 1024 Reader Views Kids
“Sophie the Monarch Butterfly: Mission to Mexico” follows a precocious monarch butterfly from the moment she hatches to the end of her life cycle, following her journey through many obstacles and challenging the disbeliefs of her community. “Sophie the Monarch Butterfly” is a touching story about believing in yourself and being a leader in your community, while also providing readers with information about monarch butterflies and their annual migration patterns. read more
“Sophie the Monarch Butterfly” by Celia Straus
“Sophie the Monarch Butterfly” by Celia Straus 819 1024 Reader Views Kids
Sophie, a monarch butterfly, bears an unusual marking on her wing—an eye that serves as a compass. When small, soft-spoken Sophie realizes her power, she is confident she can lead the way as the group of monarch butterflies migrate to Mexico. Some of the bigger butterflies underestimate her ability, but Sophie is vindicated when powerful winds threaten their flight, and she leads them to safety. Yet navigating the perils of predators, frigid weather, and spoiled milkweed continues to test Sophie and the monarchs. read more
“Donkey Dell” by Jaybie D.
“Donkey Dell” by Jaybie D. 819 1024 Reader Views Kids
“Donkey Dell: A No & Won’t Book from Stubborn to Strong” by author/illustrator Jaybie D. is the story of a stubborn and selfish donkey.  He learns through his rebellious and closed-minded ways that when you think more open-mindedly and allow others to help, you will experience positivity and life will be much more enjoyable. Dell learns through his trials how to be a team player, how to think of others and the benefit of helping others. read more
“Fangs, Fairies & Follies” by Jaybie D.
“Fangs, Fairies & Follies” by Jaybie D. 819 1024 Reader Views Kids
“Fangs, Fairies & Follies: A Vampire’s Epic Tooth Fairy Chase” by Jaybie D. is a wonderful children’s story with likable characters and an easy-to-follow narrative. Silas, the vampire, is disappointed in his lack of fangs and goes on a quest to find the tooth fairy in hopes of getting the smile he wants. Through this quest, the reader follows Silas as he interacts with different characters while searching for the tooth fairy. read more
“The King and the Ogre” by William J. Birrell
“The King and the Ogre” by William J. Birrell 279 445 Reader Views Kids
The moment I opened “The King and the Ogre” by William J. Birrell, I knew this was no ordinary children’s book. The uniquely beautiful art that covers these pages is stunning in its duplicitous mix. Bearing the hallmarks of smudged chalk with the rainbow hues of watercolors, the images burst off the pages. There’s a feel of minimal detail, creating a relaxing sensation for the reader. But further inspection shows the illustrations are carefully detailed, reminiscent of early animation where simple backgrounds would be created, and then more detailed characters would be laid on top of the backgrounds for filming. I hadn’t read one word yet, but I was in love with this book. read more