“Benjamin Birdie and the Tree Dwellers” by Michael Spicer

Benjamin Birdie and the Tree DwellersMichael SpicerBrown Books Kids (2018)ISBN 9781612542768 Reviewed by Eliana (9) and Sarina (5) for Reader Views Kids (3/19) I really […]

Lake Isle by Tobi Little Deer

Lake IsleTobi Little DeerTobi Books (2019)ISBN 9781949596007Reviewed by Ciara (age 12) for Reader Views Kids (3/19) I enjoyed reading “Lake Isle” by Tobi Little Deer. […]

“100 Things” by Cindy Helms

100 Things Written and Illustrated by Cindy HelmsSet Free Publishing 2018ISBN 978-0996339759 Reviewed by Eve Panzer, Barefoot Librarian (2/20/2019) The 100th Day of school is […]

“The Bullybuster” by Clay Cormany

The Bullybuster Clay Cormany Independently Published (2019) ISBN 9781790644032 Reviewed by Autumn (age 13) for Reader Views Kids (2/19) Ridgeview High School has a real […]

“Scarlet Reign: Malice of the Dark Witch” by R.D. Crist

Scarlet Reign: Malice of the Dark Witch R.D. Crist ShoRic Publishing (2018) ISBN 9780999882207 Reviewed by Skyler Boudreau (YA Reviewer) for Reader Views Kids (1/19) […]

“The Crossroads of Logan Michaels” by James M. Roberts

The Crossroads of Logan Michaels James M. Roberts Koehler Books (2018) ISBN  9781633936485 Reviewed by Jennifer (YA Reviewer) for Reader Views (02/19) If I were […]

“Above the Star” by Alexis Marie Chute

Above the Star Alexis Marie Chute SparkPress (2018) ISBN 9781943006564 Reviewed by Jennifer, YA Reviewer for Reader Views (01/19) “Above the Star” by Alexis Marie […]

“Oink and Gobble and the No One Can Ever Know Secret” by Norman Whaler

Oink and Gobble and the No One Can Ever Know Secret Norman Whaler Beneath Another Sky Books (2018) ISBN 9781948131209 Reviewed by Harper (age 6) […]

“The Iron Citadel” by Mitch Reinhardt

The Iron Citadel Mitch Reinhardt Mitch Reinhardt (2018) ISBN 9781732376601 Reviewed by Emily Sutton (age 17) for Reader Views Kids The second book in his […]

“Growing up in Alaska: A Baby Arctic Tern” by Constance Taylor

Growing up in Alaska: A Baby Arctic Tern Constance Taylor Fathom Pub. Co. ISBN 9781888215755 Reviewed by Alyvia (age 11) for Reader Views Kids (1/19) […]

“Smeagull the Seagull” by Mark Seth Lender

Smeagull the Seagull Mark Seth Lender Seahouse Press (2018) ISBN 9781732192904 Reviewed by Ciara (age 12), Sarina (age 4) for Reader Views Kids (1/19) A […]

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