“Born Torn” by Suz Eglington
“Born Torn” by Suz Eglington 175 263 Reader Views Kids
“Born Torn: Kiara Noir Mother Nature Series” by Suz Eglington is a compelling, fresh take on the YA Fantasy genre. The intriguing storyline with magical realism will hook you right away. The main character Kiara is sixteen and feels trapped in the Colorado reservation. She feels that only her goals and dreams of travel and photography will set her free. This character-driven novel is a bit deceptive. Its easy style and boundless energy at first come across as a breezy read, but there are underlying currents of serious coming-of-age themes, dark subject matter, and mature revelations that speak to deep philosophical themes. read more
“Aaron the Different” by Etty Burk
“Aaron the Different” by Etty Burk 166 265 Reader Views Kids
“Aaron the Different” by Etty Burk is a science-fiction book for kids about a young alien named Aaron who is unlike the others on his planet. Aaron is different. He lives in an area of the planet Astron where all the people are tall and purple. Meanwhile, Aaron is round and green. Because of this, he is not accepted by others. His family loves him and supports him, but Aaron is sad that his teacher and classmates are rejecting him because he looks different. Aaron struggles to fit in, but the only friendships he manages to develop are with his forest friends. Can Aaron find a way to be accepted by others and appreciated for who he is? read more
“Saving Sophie” by Debbie Schrack
“Saving Sophie” by Debbie Schrack 175 265 Reader Views Kids
“Saving Sophie” by Debbie Schrack is a coming-of-age story about a boy and a girl in love and learning to navigate this feeling under uncommon circumstances. Gabe is a seventeen-year-old high school senior, perfectionist, athlete, academic scholar, and a down-to-earth guy trying to survive the end of high school and figure out his future while working around a social and love life. Frustration and resentment take over as his primary emotions toward his older brother who is currently in prison.  Six months earlier, his brother killed four members of a family in a drunk driving accident and is now serving nearly a decade for it.  The sole survivor of the family devastated by this wreck is Sophie, a sixteen-year-old who now struggles with seizures and a learning disability. Following the accident, the lives of both Gabe and Sophie turn upside down in different yet similar ways. read more
MEET THE AUTHOR! A Conversation with Mikayla Rose – Author of “When June Met July”
MEET THE AUTHOR! A Conversation with Mikayla Rose – Author of “When June Met July” 175 204 Reader Views Kids
Mikayla Rose is a recent English graduate, currently living in the city of Toronto. There, she penned When June Met July, her first YA novel. In trying to make peace with the concurrent feelings of excitement and anxiety that come from living in your twenties, Mikayla found herself wondering what to do with the lessons she’d learned. After much pondering, she landed on a rather literary purpose: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, I might just write a book. read more
“A Quilt for Charley” by Sharon Winters
“A Quilt for Charley” by Sharon Winters 175 175 Reader Views Kids
In “A Quilt for Charley” by Sharon Winters, readers are told the story of how Charley’s life changed at the age of nine years old when he was adopted and given a second shot at life. His previous nine years were sad ones in which he not only sustained a head injury when kicked by a horse, but he found himself wandering all alone in a park, not knowing where he was. Through the kindness of a park visitor, Charley was brought to a shelter. Unfortunately, he remained there for several weeks watching as people came and adopted the other dogs. Until one day his new mommy and daddy adopted him and took him to his new home where they showered him with endless love and affection, along with fun things like having toys, a warm bed, and a quilt to sleep with. read more
“Baby Senses” by Dr. Jaya Viswanathan
“Baby Senses” by Dr. Jaya Viswanathan 175 226 Reader Views Kids
“Baby Senses: A Sensory Neuroscience Primer for All Ages” was written by Dr. Jaya Viswanathan for an intellectually curious range of readers.  Dr. Viswanathan is a neuroscientist, artist, engineer, and educator. Through the art filling the pages and the science behind the words, this book highlights the traditional five senses and more exotic internal systems found within nature. read more