“Skyler & Kina” by Michael C. Barrett
“Skyler & Kina” by Michael C. Barrett 663 1024 Reader Views Kids
“Skyler & Kina” is the third book in Michael C. Barrett’s Little Bram series.  Skyler Bram is excited to start her Junior year at Regent High along with her sister, Kina Dunlap.  In the honeymoon phase of a new relationship with her first girlfriend, Bailey, and armed with a throng of loyal, passionate friends, she is ready for anything the crazy year might throw at her.  Whether it is school dances, learning how to stand up for herself, or working at her parents’ video store, it seems like there is nothing she cannot handle and that everything is as it should be.  As any teenager comes to learn, however, all good things must come to an end sometimes, even if you could have never imagined that end coming. read more
“Valiance” by Vanessa Caraveo
“Valiance” by Vanessa Caraveo 663 1024 Reader Views Kids
It is hard to believe “Valiance” by Vanessa Caraveo is a novel. It is written so well in the first person that I kept looking to see if it was nonfiction! But it is not. It is a story about a fictional boy growing up with deafness and mutism. read more
“An Uncommon Blue” by R.C. Hancock
“An Uncommon Blue” by R.C. Hancock 673 1024 Reader Views Kids
“An Uncommon Blue” by R.C. Hancock is the first book in a Young Adult science fiction series called “Colorblind.”  In the book, we are introduced to Bruno.  Bruno is a teenage rugby star living in Telesphore.  In Telesphore, social status is determined by what color a person’s palm glows.  Blue is the most valued color and the symbol of the elite.  People of other colors are deemed inferior and are even segregated into different neighborhoods to keep the Blue population “pure.” If two people touch palms, then the colors mix.  When Bruno accidentally kills a royal soldier to save a young boy with a different color palm, he is forced to confront everything he was taught to believe.  Is color really what defines human beings?  Or is the life of a Red or Green just as important and valuable as a Blue? read more
“The Book Key and The Lost Dragon” by Chrissy Irwin
“The Book Key and The Lost Dragon” by Chrissy Irwin 663 1024 Reader Views Kids
Chrissy Irwin’s “The Book Key and The Lost Dragon” takes Judy on a whirlwind adventure in a world with fairies, dragons, and talking worm companions. When we first meet Judy, she is having trouble focusing in school. She doesn’t find much enjoyment in reading, despite her mother’s love of books. The day before her birthday, her mother gives her a key that allows her to transport her mind into books so that Judy can live the story herself. In discovering this, Judy goes on a wonderful adventure. read more
“Vermilion Sunrise” by Lydia P. Brownlow
“Vermilion Sunrise” by Lydia P. Brownlow 683 1024 Reader Views Kids
 “Vermilion Sunrise” by Lydia P. Brownlow is a young adult sci-fi novel with a dash of romance and adventure mixed in. Leigh is just seventeen years old when she wakes up from cryosleep to find out she’s been traveling through space for thirteen years and has now arrived on a strange, watery planet. With no memories of volunteering to colonize a new planet, the only information she has is that individuals under eighteen have been the only ones able to survive the trip from Earth. Additionally, tensions run high as the other teenage colonists who inhabit the planet are less than welcoming. Lex, one of the handsome ringleaders, has decided Leigh and the others who came with her need to stay quarantined until it can be determined none of them are sick. read more
“Lost in the Supermarket” by Michelle J. Choi
“Lost in the Supermarket” by Michelle J. Choi 762 1024 Reader Views Kids
“Lost in the Supermarket” is a very cute story for young children about helping others and never giving up when something is important to them. I think it will be enjoyed by many children for its adorable story and the lovely illustrations in the book, both compliments of author Michelle J. Choi, who is herself a child who just loves to write. read more