“Nature Study Buddies” is an inspiring and educative children’s book by award-winning author Charlene McIver, and the third book of her “Leigh’s Wheelie Adventures” series. In this story, Leigh, Tara, and Cosmo are close friends who are trying to figure out what kind of animals they will study for their school program.
“The Moon Child” shines a light on representation for kids that have been adopted inter-country. A resource for both children and adoptive parents looking to celebrate inter-country adoptions without losing a part of their child’s origin, this heart-warming story is a perfect addition to every bookshelf. 
tarting a kid's book with the murder of an old man? Bold move, but it sure got my attention. Many in town spoke of the recently deceased Oren Appleton as the “hermit of Oak Hill.” But to the main character, he was a beloved grandfather.  We first meet Olly and his parents as they move into the inherited house on Oak Hill in Littleton, Massachusetts. Olly has very fond memories of his grandfather spending time with him roaming through natural areas, exploring, and playing games. Olly’s love for nature, and specifically plants, comes directly from his grandfather’s influence. So, while Olly mourns the passing of his grandfather, he sees the possibility of great adventure in exploring the woods of Oak Hill that the older man adored. Having befriended a girl in town who shares his love for nature, Olly inadvertently begins a journey of discovery that will change their lives.
"Your Brain: The Engine to Your Body" by Tracy Markley is the kids' edition to learning about one of the most important organs in the human body - the brain. The information begins as the equivalent of upper-level biology or anatomy of the brain classes with what makes up the brain - neurons, the synaptic cleft, dopamine/transmitters, endorphins, and 80% water. The information is sure to fascinate kids when they read, partly due to the strange shape of neurons and the brain, and also because of how powerful our brain is. Many aspects of maintaining a healthy brain are discussed, including hydration, nutrition, and outside influences. Markley does well with presenting such complicated and important aspects of the human body to children, while students currently in the upper-level classes are likely struggling to understand it all; it is likely that this book should be a condensed version for students of all ages to read.
"Reign Returned" written by Katie Keridan, is the first book in the young adult series, "The Felserpent Chronicles." In ancient days, the Felserpent King and Queen made a pact that would endure the ages and ensure a future salvation for their people; but civil war broke out and divided their kingdom by blood, causing Astrals, Daevals, and their animal Cyphers to embody hatred and prejudice for the other. Present day Sebastian Sayre is a Daeval intent on one goal: retrieving the Felserpent King's sword Rhannu to make himself invincible. The only problem is, he can't enter the realm of the dead without the help of a Recovrancer. Kyra Valorian is a young, talented Astral healer who is next in line to become the top healer in her realm, but her world is turned upside down when she meets Sebastian and feels an intense connection to him she doesn't understand. Through trials and tense moments, the couple learn more about themselves, the past, and the politics of their realms, while discovering their part in the shared destinies of their people. 
"The Princess, The Knight, and The Lost God: A Chess Story" is a children's fantasy & magic book by the accredited chess coach and Author Victoria Winifred. The bursting vigor and energy this particular morning brightened up Chess Mountain, where Princess Kassie's family resides. As she strides down the mountain, she knows today is not any ordinary day. Born in a family of gods, Kassie is lucky. Her father, Mars, the god of war, and her mother Caïssa, the queen goddess of chess, cannot wait for their adorable princess to get her deity title. She has to, however, complete a successful mission of helping someone acquire better skills at the chess game or improve their lives differently altogether. It's a huge task for the jovial princess, but the thought of acquiring her title is fascinating enough to keep her going.
The next best thing to actually having a puppy join the family! “Little Lovable Lucy’s Big Day” by Norma E. Roth and Shayna Rose Penn is a cute picture book with big life lessons. The authors offer readers the story of a family bringing home their first puppy, presenting both points of view: the puppy’s and the family’s. Readers will explore how each one is feeling as they meet and process the new situation at their own pace.
"Idunno" by Amy Leask, illustrated by Klaudia Maziec, is a story for readers of all ages who have a childlike curiosity that remains within them and aren't afraid to let it show. Children and adults aren't completely different – in many ways they are similar; caring about and enjoying stories of creatures is just one of the many. Idunno is the name of a creature that resides in us all and is picky about how and to whom it exposes itself. Everyone's Idunno is unique to themselves and will be customized to the individual.
The Take-Over Friend is an excellent story about the very confusing time in life when you are a teenager and trying to discover exactly who you are and what you really want. I was very impressed with the story Ms. Dines put together. It shows all the normal, sometimes difficult, parts of life at this age, such as doing well in school, wanting to have a boyfriend, the confusion and joy that come from family, and the happiness and heartache that comes with friendship.
Angelica and Clara are twins living in a home that is supposed to be of some historical note except for one thing: it's falling apart! Seacrest is a glorious, mysterious and (literally) haunting mansion that the girl's father inherited, but they soon discover their family is cursed! In the delightful and adventurous novel The Warlock's Curse by C.B. Oresky, the twins must travel through dimensions to help their grandfather fight evil and get to the bottom of the curse that the villain has placed on their family!
Molly wants to participate in the Winter Ice Show but she worries that lack of practice and little know-how of ice skating will stand in her way. Her father takes her to the frozen pond in the park the following day to practice, but every time she tries to leap and spin around hoping to land on one foot like her experienced friend Sarah, she fails terribly. Constant encouragement from her father lightens up her disheartened attitude and even causes her to train harder by having a skating routine at home with her friends. Along the way, she faces various challenges but does not give up. She finally arrives at the arena with her Papa, scared at first but delivers a phenomenal show much to the excitement of the audience in the hall.
Fourteen-year-old Mathew has just one wish: to get away from his parents and annoying younger brother, and to have his own adventure. On a family camping trip, Matt meets a strange looking magical dog while walking through the woods. Before he realizes it, Matt finds himself transported to an ancient medieval realm full of witches, spells, and dangerous rivalries, kings, knights, and enchanted castles. But unfortunately, not all is well in the Kingdom! When Mathew finds himself going up against a powerful enemy only he can defeat, you might say it would be wise to heed this warning: be careful what you wish for!
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