Daniel: The Age of Epimetheus Peter Pactor FriesenPress (2018) ISBN 9781525519345 Reviewed by Noelle Stout, YA Reviewer for Reader Views […]
DRAGON’S SHADOW Allison Morse The Wild Rose Press (2018) ISBN 9871509222391 Reviewed by Mason (age 15) for Reader Reviews Kids […]
ALONE TOGETHER Robert Hill New Diamond Publisher (2018) ISBN  9781720699668 Review by Noelle (Teen/YA Reviewer) for Reader Views Kids (9/18) […]
THE LOST SECRET OF TIME: CRYSTAL KEEPER CHRONICLES BOOK 4 Tiffany Turner Shadowcat Publishing (2018) ISBN 9780997817041 Reviewed by Alyvia […]
DREAM BIG Kat Kronenberg Greenleaf Book Group Press (2017) ISBN 9781626343474 Reviewed by Evan (age 3), Sarina (age 4), and […]
BABBLE MAGIC Miguel Lopez De Leon BookBaby (2018) ISBN 9781543934601 Reviewed by Autumn (age 13) for Reader Views (9/18) Readers will enjoy, […]
FATIMA AND THE CLEMENTINE THIEVES Mireille Messier Red Deer Press (2017) ISBN 9780889955295 Reviewed Annika Stone (Age 7) for Reader Views Kids […]
TATA’S EARRINGS Desiree Calderon de Fawaz Yogi Impressions Books Pvt. Ltd. (2017) ISBN 9789382742609 Reviewed by Paola Belloso (age 10) for Reader […]
IDI & THE ORACLE’S QUEST T N Traynor CreateSpace (2014) ISBN 9781496043931 Reviewed by Autumn (age 14) for Reader Views […]
WAR WORLD Rod C. Spence Gallant Press (2017) ISBN 9780999087916 Reviewed by Mason (age 15) for Reader Views Kids (7/18) Six teenagers […]
THE CHRISTMAS WIND Stephanie Simpson McLellan Red Deer Press (2017) ISBN 9780889955349 Reviewed by Alyvia Stout (age 10) for Reader Views Kids […]
ONE HALLOWEEN NIGHT Ada Letelier Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency, LLC (2017) ISBN 9781681817323 Reviewed by Russ Cramer (age 5) for […]
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