“Into the River of Angels” by George R. Wolf
“Into the River of Angels” by George R. Wolf 663 1024 Reader Views Kids
“Into the River of Angels,” authored by George R. Wolfe, is a teenager’s odd and unorthodox search for self. It’s a novel based on the character Sam Hawkins, a 17-year-old with a highly inquisitive outlook on life. Living between his father’s and mother’s homes, as they go through a stressful divorce, starts the beginning of his distortion of life. read more
“Sky Ice” by E.G. Sparks
“Sky Ice” by E.G. Sparks 640 1024 Reader Views Kids
“Sky Ice” the first book in the Earthbounders series by E.G. Sparks is a stirring adventure through a journey of magic, fae, angels, demon hunters, and simmering romance where multiple worlds overlap. Sparks introduces readers to Arien Blair, an eighteen-year-old homeless orphan whose childhood had offered little hope for the future as it was accompanied by endless turmoil. read more
“Ria and Vik’s Seasonal Adventures” by Neeti Agarwal
“Ria and Vik’s Seasonal Adventures” by Neeti Agarwal 1000 1000 Reader Views Kids
“Ria and Vik’s Seasonal Adventures (Ria and Vik’s Explorations, Book 1)” by Neeti Agarwal, is an exciting seasonal learning adventure for children. We are introduced to best friends, Ria and Vik, who learn a lot by exploring new things and finding adventure. They are curious children, and this time they want to know why the weather changes. Mrs. Johnson is their teacher, who explains the idea of what the seasons are, which sparks quite an interest in the children. The two participate in a fun project led by their teacher. read more
“The Last Triceracorn” by Vincent M. Miceli
“The Last Triceracorn” by Vincent M. Miceli 683 1024 Reader Views Kids
“The Last Triceracorn (Book One)” by Vincent M. Miceli is an exciting action fantasy adventure for YA audiences but will appeal to almost all ages, including the young at heart. This well-told fantasy is about main characters Matea and Luciana, two spirited and talented sisters who discover themselves in the midst of an epic tale filled with magic, mystery, suspense, and dark drama. The locations set the stage for the unique adventures to come. They think they are fighting alone but find help from newfound friends- children with special gifts, much like themselves, and from many different places. read more
“Badger and Turtle Face the Storm” by Daniel McMillan
“Badger and Turtle Face the Storm” by Daniel McMillan 717 1024 Reader Views Kids
“Badger and Turtle Face the Storm” by Daniel McMillan is the story of two friends who face a storm, literally and metaphorically. Badger and Turtle are outside enjoying the day when an intense storm rolls in quickly and unexpectedly. With similar human responses, the two friends react on impulse in their unique ways – Turtle feels scared, so he digs and hides in his shell by himself; Badger feels angry and upset with Turtle’s reaction, and burrows as well, attempting to get closer to Badger. In the process, he is unaware of how his actions are affecting Turtle. read more
“Mysteries of the Mist” by C.A. Rand
“Mysteries of the Mist” by C.A. Rand 1024 1024 Reader Views Kids
Sixteen-year-old, Coralee is looking forward to spending the entire summer with her grandfather at the Silver Wing Point lighthouse, where her grandfather is the lighthouse keeper and a retired commercial fisherman in “Mysteries of the Mist” by author C.A. Rand. He will be doing repairs to the lighthouse and the cottage attached and invited Coralee to come help him out because he knows she loves the area and the lighthouse. Without hesitation, she packs some of her things and drives to meet up with her grandfather. She’s looking forward to spending time with him while they work on the cottage and lighthouse together. Little do they both know; it will be a summer neither of them will ever forget. What happens to both the grandfather and Coralee while they spend the summer together? read more