"Connections in Chemistry" is a book in which Mickie, Sam, and Burns, young detectives, have 24 hours to prove Burns innocent, catch a saboteur, and eat doughnuts—well, maybe that's not exactly part of the mission, but Mickie does have an unhealthy appetite for sweets!
"Ready... Set... Frog!" is an adorable children's storybook following an ambitious little frog, Frogathan Spots, from Harmony Lane. Frogathan Spots, Frog for short, has a vivid imagination and loves playing games to challenge his athletic ability. He especially loves building obstacle courses that test his ability to jump from high distances and balance on unstable items. One morning while enjoying some flies for breakfast Frog's parents informed him the neighborhood of Harmony Lane would be hosting a fair the following weekend. With only a week to prepare, Frog begins the construction of log ramps and huge rock piles to practice his jumps and balance for the town's obstacle course at the fair. Yet, each time Frog begins to work on his jumping skills and balance, a neighboring friend yells out, requiring him to stop and rush off to solve a dilemma. Time after time, this keeps happening until Frog becomes frustrated, wanting to quit. Can Frog realize his dream while still providing a helping hand to his friends? 
Rue L’Hommedieu is a debut author, an active Motion Picture and Television Teamster, as well as a lover of travel, old movies, and blueberry wine. Rue resides in the S.E. United States and is currently working on a second novel, releasing in fall of 2023.
“Liberty-Loving Lafayette: How ‘America’s Favorite Fighting Frenchman’ Helped Win Our Independence” is one of the best things I have seen in a while. I think the concept Dorothea Jensen has of teaching younger kids about the history of our country in this way is simply wonderful and I adored it.
In "Nurse Florence, Tell Me About Shingles?" by Michael Dow, characters Jean, Condi, and Sonia are leaving school for the day when Condi tells her friends that she needs to talk to Nurse Florence about something. She goes to her office and asks her about shingles because her granddad has it - what is it and how do people get it? She was told that shingles is a virus that people are more likely to get if they've had chicken pox at some time. The virus can give you blisters on your skin that are painful and sometimes itchy; these blisters can show up on different parts of your body, such as your neck, eyes, face, back, or abdomen. Condi learned more about what causes shingles, how it can affect your body, and ways of treating it.
Ann Dallman's children's book "Cady and the Bear Necklace” 2nd Edition, is the first book in the Cady Whirlwind Thunder mystery series. Cady is a young Native American teenage girl learning to adjust to numerous challenges thrust upon her recently. Since Cady was little, it had just been her and her father. Now she must share her father's love and attention with his new wife and baby brother. Internally, Cady has become rebellious and short-tempered. She feels rejected by her biological mother, who chose the party life over her, and by her father's new family. In hopes of regaining balance for Cady, her father enrolls her in the Four Eagles School on the Woodland Indian Reservation.
Over a decade ago, six-year-old Katie Figg was abducted outside her home, never to see her family again. Now at seventeen—forced to go by the name Eve Anderson—she endures torture daily at the hands of "Papa," her captor. The tortured girl lives with Papa and his partner "Mama" in a dilapidated house infested with cockroaches, bars covering the windows, and a tall, impenetrable fence shutting her from the outside world. Eve's sole reason for surviving is to care for Honey, the four-year-old daughter she had with Papa.
In the story, "Nurse Florence: What is Obesity?" by Michael Dow, you learn through the students Jean, Condi, and Sonia about obesity and why it is a bad thing. One day at school, the three girls go to lunch and see Nurse Florence sitting by herself, which makes them feel sad, so they ask to sit by her, and she agrees. Out of curiosity, they ask Nurse Florence about a health problem that affects people, that can also be prevented; she tells them about obesity. Obesity is when someone is overweight because they eat more than their bodies need. The girls learned from Nurse Florence what it is, how someone can become obese, how to prevent it, and how to make it better if someone is struggling with it.
"The Kingdom of Trolls" is a dramatic and punchy fantasy novel written by award-winning author, Rae St Clair Bridgman and the fourth book in her acclaimed Middlegate series. Inspired by the author's visits to Iceland and the desire to capture the sights, sounds, tastes, and smells of this beautiful land of ice and fire, the book follows William Wychwood and his cousin Sophie Isidor. William and Sophie were both orphaned at a young age and now live with their aunts, Violet and Rue. When Aunt Violet lands on an all-inclusive fabulous trip with a provision of four slots to Iceland from Perfect Products, Sophie and Will are reluctant to go after receiving skewed information from an explorer, Vitellus Albumen.
"Erift’s Journeys: Secrets of the Sealed Forest" by J.T. Tenera offers a thrilling adventure that sparkles with heart-warming magical occurrences inspired by a video game fantasy.
“Beneath Caaqi’s Wings,” a novel by author Rich Shapero, offers young adult readers a new version of looking at the question of whether a group of teenagers can survive on their own and create a new life when they have lost everything… their families, their homes, and their way of life.
When eleven-year-old Crown Prince Vlad of the Magenta Kingdom is sworn in as Judge of the Magenta Educational Royal Court for Youth, he never expects his first case will be against his friend. In “Rule Trouble: The Case of the Illegal Dragon” by Laurel Decher, Prince Magellan of the Saffron Kingdom is in possession of a baby dragon, which is against the law in all Seven Kingdoms. How will Vlad handle this situation without losing Magellan as his friend?
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