“Capricorn’s Journal” by Candice Zee

“Capricorn’s Journal” by Candice Zee 663 1024 Reader Views Kids

Capricorn’s Journal

Candice Zee
Independently Published (2024)
ISBN: 978-1737233930
Reviewed by Kathy Stickles for Reader Views (03/2024)

Just let me say….WOW!! “Capricorn’s Journal: My Family’s Fight for Survival” is simply an amazing book. Candice Zee has given readers another installment in The Munchkins series, focusing on the lives of the Munch children – all 13 of them – in this compelling, emotional, and at times very heartbreaking sequel. Just a couple of things to note before I go forward: it will be in your best interest to read the first in the series before tackling this story. This book picks up right after the first one ends, and it will be very helpful (and believe me when I say worthwhile) to have read the first in the series. Second, for more sensitive readers there are parts of this story that will make it somewhat difficult to read, such as starvation and torturing the children to name a couple, and the reader should take that into account and be prepared for it.

Capricorn’s Journalis an incredible story that is filled with action from the first to the last page. At the start of the story, we find Capricorn and her sister Kitty trapped in a cage in the basement of Big Boss’ house with no food, no one to help them, and the belief that their father and brothers and sisters are dead. Capricorn has been writing the history of what happened to their family in a journal that Big Boss has taken. He returns the journal to her and allows her to continue writing on the condition that she gives it back to him to read whenever he wants. And this all happens in just the first few pages.

What follows is the story that is in her journal, basically, what happened to the children as she remembers it when they find their father CC has disappeared while they were at their last day of school. They all return home to an empty house with no food, no money, and their neighbor Big Boss (who has already taken all their magical powers in book one) returning to torment them. The children set out to find their father and fight for their own survival while trying to stay away from Big Boss and whatever horrors he has planned for them this time.

Capricorn’s Journalis a wonderfully written story, and the author gives the reader amazingly developed characters that are so strong and courageous… and these characters are all children. Add in Big Boss who is, again in this story, the man you really hate and the reason for all the pain these children are dealing with plus a couple of new characters who actually want to help the children and you have an excellent array of great characters. While they are all very different, each character is a huge and important part of the story. The dialogue is excellent, and the story is very well-structured. Candice Zee has created an incredible and complex set of characters in a very interesting world, and I must admit she can hold the reader’s attention from first to last page and beyond. The emotion and the love shown between these children as they try to survive is touching and so apparent.

Capricorn’s Journalby Candice Zee is a riveting teen/YA fantasy that I think will be enjoyed by many adults as well. This author has hit a home run with this series, and I would recommend it to everyone out there. The end of the book, while answering most questions, will be one that the reader will remember, and will leave you clamoring for book three. I, for one, cannot wait to see what happens to Capricorn and the others next. This book is definitely 5 Stars!!

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