Caenus and the Quiver of Artemis by Christopher S. Ledbetter

Caenus and the Quiver of Artemis by Christopher S. Ledbetter 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Caenus and the Quiver of Artemis
Christopher S. Ledbetter
Outskirts Press, Inc. (2009)
ISBN 9781432734138
Reviewed by Dylan James (age 12) for Reader Views (2/09)


Caenus struggles as he locks weapons with his opponent, the fierce Makedon, son of Hypatios from Neapolis. But this struggle isn’t just about the arena, or the pride that comes with it; nay, the real fight is for the beautiful Kalliste. Can Caenus train enough to fight for his beloved? Can he beat Makedon, the successful winner of the arena for the past couple of times? Only time can tell.

“Caenus and the Quiver of Artemis” seemed too short to have sufficient plot. That’s the big thing revolving in my mind. Without the correct length, the book seemed hurried and the characters seemed underdeveloped. If this were fixed, it would warrant a much greater audience. This is truly a romance, and although subplots mist the true genre, I could definitely tell it was a romance and a good one at that.  Caenus sacrifices everything and braves all to win Kalliste’s hand in marriage. She is betrothed to the evil Makedon, so Caenus kills Makedon and proposes to her. A great romance, if you like that genre!

I think the weakest point of this book was that although it seemed at first that there was a multitude of characters, it really just revolves around Caenus. I was disappointed that my favorite character became much weaker than Caenus because of Caenus’s love. I am glad this book was good enough to have a favorite character of mine, but I am sad that it did not bring out the full potential of the other characters. All this book needs is a little more character development, along with a couple extra pages, to become remarkably better.

I absolutely recommend “Caenus and the Quiver of Artemis” by Christopher S. Ledbetter to anyone that likes romance, but also others because there is a great deal of courage and adventure in this book also.


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