By Here by Dianne Elizabeth Nelson

By Here by Dianne Elizabeth Nelson 150 150 Reader Views Kids

By Here
Dianne Elizabeth Nelson
AuthorHouse (2009)
ISBN 9781449003661
Reviewed by Max Aures (age 3) and Mom for Reader Views (12/09)


“By Here” explores the changes that take place when the train no longer runs through a small town.  Whistles no longer blow, the tracks are rusty, and there are flowers growing.  Lots of things are different when the train doesn’t go through anymore.

Max:  “I like when the picture shows rusty tracks and then shiny tracks.  My favorite picture is of the castle in the sky made out of clouds.  I like when they say ‘The train doesn’t run, the train doesn’t run, the train doesn’t run by here anymore.’  I say that part with you.  It says that lots of times.”

Parent’s comments:
“By Here” by Dianne Elizabeth Nelson is quite a catchy book!  My son loved the repetition of “The train doesn’t run by here anymore.”  He always ended up “reading” that passage with me.  He is also a big fan of trains.  We have never read a book about just the railroad tracks without one picture of a train.  In this aspect, “By Here” is a very unique and we really enjoyed it.


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