“Bullies at Finley High” by Keith Thomas Walker

“Bullies at Finley High” by Keith Thomas Walker 150 150 Reader Views Kids


Keith Thomas Walker
KeithWalkerBooks (2016)
ISBN 9780996750530
Reviewed by Chris Kyle (Age 16) for Reader Views (03/16)

Upon viewing the cover of “Bullies at Finley High,” by Keith Thomas Walker, I thought it would probably be about another kid that gets bullied daily; the same old storyline and everything that goes with bullying and like most of the writings for bullying –but instead it was not. This book was the total opposite of what I thought it would be and I really enjoyed it.

The authors main point was detailing and making Corey’s bullying seem real and to make the reader feel like they are actually in Corey’s shoes. Through the emotional years of middle school, I relate to what Corey went through and what he suffered through with the constant low self-esteem and bullying issues. The author did a great job writing the story and with the plot, as it is very relatable and he describes the emotions and such of what Corey is feeling so possibly the readers could feel it as well.

The book is generally for ages 12-18 as it deals with the things that teenagers might be going through in their daily lives and the most likely ways to cope these issues. It offers another viewpoint or perspective on how to make what’s going on better. If you are interested in fiction and something that one could possibly relate to, this is the novel you should read. My favorite part of the book was when the girl still wanted to go out with Corey even when something happened to him, and his mom wasn’t very fond of it. I could relate to this very much as sometimes my mom doesn’t agree with my decisions.

I would definitely recommend “Bullies at Finley High” by Keith Thomas Walker, especially to teens, because this is what I felt like was the best that I have read so far this year. I hope to read some more of Walker’s work and hope other readers do, too.

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