Buggy Crenshaw and the Deadwood Principle: Evolution by R. M. Wilburn

Buggy Crenshaw and the Deadwood Principle: Evolution by R. M. Wilburn 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Buggy Crenshaw and the Deadwood Principle: Evolution
R. M. Wilburn
Gabby Cat Publishing (2008)
ISBN 9780981736518
Reviewed by Austin McCredie (age 13) for Reader Views (9/08)

This book begins the exact instant where “Buggy Crenshaw and the Bungler’s Paradox” ended, and I mean exact. Buggy, still recovering from defeating Electrocucius, is visited by the Rebel Phoenix Alabaster, warning her of the next evil. Soon she is off again trying to save the world. The world soon is ravaged by demolishing earthquakes and evil trees. Buggy, along with Sid Piccolo and Veronica Hamburg, learn that this second coming of evil is caused by the Evil Empress Eartha Naturalus. To put an even worse spin on things, by defeating Electrocucius, they put into spin the Great Wheel that will cause cosmic chaos unless it is stopped.

Once again, Ms. Wilburn has done a great job. And this time, the book is so big that it had to be split into two volumes! And this one is even better than the last! If I could, I’d have skipped school to read this. Ms. Wilburn has a huge series on her hands. “Listen Buggy’ he ordered ‘We’re in this up to our ears, so we’d best work together. I know this much: before a theory becomes a principle, proof must be found. If the Deadwood brothers are right, that some Great Wheel or whatever has been set in motion to produce a new evil, then our world…our entire universe is in jeopardy!”

Once again, Ms. Wilburn talks about how faith will save you. Even if you don’t like it, you need faith, sometimes to see things that you can only see with open eyes, hear things with open ears and think about things with an open mind. Not everything is governed by fact.

And it’s time for Veronica to start thinking like that. She learns that her narrow-minded way of thinking is what got her killed. She will only accept that she is right because she is most advanced of the trio and knows everything. She can’t force herself to believe because she’s afraid of what will get in. She refuses to imagine, and to survive in Lloyd’s Hollow, or anywhere, you must allow yourself to imagine.

This time, more adult concepts come into play. Betrayal and deception are rampant. Sides are being drawn and colors are being hidden. The two teams are changing constantly. And someone is killed. Older kids might start to enjoy this book.

I love these books! Anyone should pick these books up. And don’t miss part two, “Buggy Crenshaw and the Deadwood Principle: Revolution!” by R. M. Wilburn.

“Knowing too much could be as dangerous as knowing too little…”

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