Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the land is scorched and to survive, society has taken to scrounging. With many children orphans, the adults have no problem making sacrifices of them as no one will miss them.
"The Polka-Dotted Penguin" is a story about a baby penguin who is born different.
“Hello & Goodnight,” written by Imani Lewis and illustrated by Uliana Barabash is an adorable bedtime story that little ones will certainly enjoy, but I have a feeling it’s the adults who will be the ones wanting to read this one over and over again!
One day, Rose's mother tells her that the next get-together will focus on a surprise that will prepare Rose for when her Goddess awakens. Rose learns about her "moon time," or the beginning of her monthly cycle, from her mother and aunties. The women in her life speak of this life event as uplifting and empowering
“Please Don’t Tell Cooper That Jack is a Rabbit” is the second book in the Cooper the Dog series by Michelle Lander Feinberg. In the first book, Cooper gets rescued as a stray and joins a loving family. Now, the family is worried about his obsession with chasing rabbits!
s a wonderful story about the spirit of Christmas and the reason for the holiday celebration.
Author Andrea Coke addresses diversity and representation in such a reverberating way that resonates with children and people of diverse backgrounds. Using something as simple as a doll that most people take for granted, Coke shows readers both young and old the power of diversity and inclusion. The illustrations penned by M Fernanda Orozco further show children the lack of inclusion on toy store shelves and displays, in realistic color and graphically crisp images.
"Maria Wants a Dog" by Brenda Akwar is another story in her "Little Miss Maria's World" series, written in English and French. Maria is excited about the fact that she is about to turn six years old! Maria is promised a pet dog on her birthday but isn't sure which kind to choose.
Did you know that the numbers on a clock have creatures that live in them? I learned that in the story "The Tocks on the Clock," by Jozef Richards. A little girl named Desi and her pet cat and pet dog explore the land inside a clock where the Tocks live. The pictures are neat to look at for each of the Tocks; they are colorful, and the creatures look crazy!
The story of "Car Show Countdown" is a group of ten classic cars in a competition to win the title. Each vehicle has a short write-up about it but doesn't say "is it fast?" to an outsider. Cars include the Corvette, Jeep, T-Bird, Mustang, and Cadillac as some of the contestants. The story is short and sweet in that each explanation is the type of car, and a sentence containing a mini description, then immediately following, is the announcement.
“A Prophecy of Wings” by Jane McGarry is a contemporary young adult fantasy novel loosely based on the classic fairy-tale Thumbelina by Hans Christian Andersen.
"Winston the Traveling Dog" is a comical story that is appropriate to read at any time. I loved that Lydia learned about landmarks and people from around the world in the story while also reading an enjoyable story. The reading level is right at her level, although she would have trouble with the landmark names. Reading "Winston the Traveling Dog" was enjoyable for both Lydia and me; this story is great for any aged reader.
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