"Find Me In Time: Meeting Columbus" is a whirlwind adventure that transports the reader through time to witness face-to-face interactions with famous characters during pivotal historical moments. Author L.T. Caton brings to life historical events with the help of five ambitious thrill-seeking teenagers. The story begins with a group of teens playing a game of hide-and-seek in the forest when Harry discovers a mysterious ladder leading up into the trees. The ladder leads to a treehouse hidden from the naked eye. Amazed by the size and age of the structure, Harry and his friends wonder out loud who made this treehouse. Suddenly, the group is transported through time to an event that feels so real to life that it leaves goosebumps. Realizing this is no ordinary treehouse, the kids rush home to gather supplies for an expedition to witness Columbus's first landing. 
In "Nurse Florence: Why Do We Have to Drink Water?" by Michael Dow, three girls - Sonia, Condi, and Jean, are at school playing soccer at recess. This makes them hot and thirsty, so they get a drink at the water fountain. Drinking the water makes them think about why anyone has to drink water anyway. They find Nurse Florence and ask her about this. Nurse Florence tells them about how water can affect your body, inside and out, from having too much or too little, and how the cells inside your body are affected. The girls learn a lot of information they didn't know before, and now they understand why water is so important to our bodies!
“Like a Hero: Courage Can be Costly” by Michael J. Bowler is book one of The Invictus Chronicles. This genre-busting superhero novel defies succinct description. Probably the best way to describe this creative work is to call it a graphic novel without graphics. But that sounds like I’m selling this story short. In fact, I’m giving high praise to the author for producing such a stunning effect in my brain as I read this story, that my mind created the scenes in graphic novel style. Normally when I read a book, my mind provides live-action-style scenes like sections of “video” in my head as the action evolves in print. Instead, as I read this immersive novel, it was as though a high-quality graphic novelist had free rein in my brain. Amazing.
"The Wonderful Friendship" by David Swindell is a heartfelt tale about a young farm boy from Michigan that befriends a bear and discovers a world of wonder-filled adventure and the giving nature of the human spirit. After a long winter of hibernation, Bear emerges from his cave famished. Being wary of humans, Bear travels closely along the waterway and becomes snared in an inhumane animal trap. Floppy, a forest rabbit, hears Bear's desperate cry for help and rushes to find the farmer's son Davie trying to free Bear. Davie has a special gift when it comes to animals and gains Bear's trust, bringing him back to the barn to rest and regain his strength with Floppy's assistance. News of Davie's selfless act of kindness and bravery spreads fast from his small town to national radio and tv shows. When a television crew films Davie and Bear playing hide and seek in a field, fans flock to the farm for a glimpse of the famous pair. But not everyone has good intentions.
"Positive Affirmations Journal for Black Teen Boys: 3 Simple Steps to Effectively Use Affirmations to Improve Your Self-esteem, Motivation, and Confidence" is an inspirational book by B. Mitchell-Dos Santos on how to leverage positive affirmations to overcome challenges. If you want to know how to change negative thoughts to positive ones, how to build better relationships, how to boost one's self-esteem, how to develop resilience, or how to say goodbye to stress and anxiety, then read this book.
Moving to a new home can often be exciting, but when a magical snow globe is discovered, be prepared for an unforgettable adventure. In Veronica Taylor's "The Magic Snow Globe", The Parker family has just relocated to their new home in a geologically famous town called Rockville. With the children's books, toys, and other electronic devices packed in a moving van miles away, the Parker children have become grumpy and bored. To make matters worse, a gloomy forecast of rain complicates the situation. The two children, Blaire and Jake, ask their parents to take them to the mall to look around and see the town of Rockville. While shopping, Jake discovers a snow globe with a candy theme. Once home, the mysterious snow globe begins to glow and vibrate, transporting Blaire and Jake to a world of cotton candy sidewalks, lollipop forests, and candy corn mountains. It is up to Blaire and Jake to traverse the candy-filled world and make it back home to the family. 
"My Life Inspiring Journal: My Journey through Autism and Mental Issues" is an instructive and reviving memoir written by Jason Jackson for children between 7-12 years of age. Here, the author narrates his journey as an autistic man with bipolar disorder, along with his extraordinary relationship with other similarly challenged individuals.  He shares an amazing and easy-to-understand breakdown of his autistic view regarding challenges, trials, accomplishments, intents, and perceptions of autistic people, as well as their little-understood patterns of behavior, interests, and activities.
"Connections in Chemistry" is a book in which Mickie, Sam, and Burns, young detectives, have 24 hours to prove Burns innocent, catch a saboteur, and eat doughnuts—well, maybe that's not exactly part of the mission, but Mickie does have an unhealthy appetite for sweets!
"Ready... Set... Frog!" is an adorable children's storybook following an ambitious little frog, Frogathan Spots, from Harmony Lane. Frogathan Spots, Frog for short, has a vivid imagination and loves playing games to challenge his athletic ability. He especially loves building obstacle courses that test his ability to jump from high distances and balance on unstable items. One morning while enjoying some flies for breakfast Frog's parents informed him the neighborhood of Harmony Lane would be hosting a fair the following weekend. With only a week to prepare, Frog begins the construction of log ramps and huge rock piles to practice his jumps and balance for the town's obstacle course at the fair. Yet, each time Frog begins to work on his jumping skills and balance, a neighboring friend yells out, requiring him to stop and rush off to solve a dilemma. Time after time, this keeps happening until Frog becomes frustrated, wanting to quit. Can Frog realize his dream while still providing a helping hand to his friends? 
Rue L’Hommedieu is a debut author, an active Motion Picture and Television Teamster, as well as a lover of travel, old movies, and blueberry wine. Rue resides in the S.E. United States and is currently working on a second novel, releasing in fall of 2023.
“Liberty-Loving Lafayette: How ‘America’s Favorite Fighting Frenchman’ Helped Win Our Independence” is one of the best things I have seen in a while. I think the concept Dorothea Jensen has of teaching younger kids about the history of our country in this way is simply wonderful and I adored it.
In "Nurse Florence, Tell Me About Shingles?" by Michael Dow, characters Jean, Condi, and Sonia are leaving school for the day when Condi tells her friends that she needs to talk to Nurse Florence about something. She goes to her office and asks her about shingles because her granddad has it - what is it and how do people get it? She was told that shingles is a virus that people are more likely to get if they've had chicken pox at some time. The virus can give you blisters on your skin that are painful and sometimes itchy; these blisters can show up on different parts of your body, such as your neck, eyes, face, back, or abdomen. Condi learned more about what causes shingles, how it can affect your body, and ways of treating it.
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