Book Fiesta!: Celebrate Children’s Day/Book Day (Celebremos El dia de los ninos/El dia de los libros)
Pat Mora
Rayo (2009)
ISBN 9780061288777
Reviewed by Cayden (age 4) and Max (age 2) Aures and Mom for Reader Views (1/09)

“Book Fiesta!: Celebrate Children’s Day/Book Day” is a bilingual book.  On the page the text is first written in English and then in Spanish as the author explores all kinds of unique places where children are able to read – like in a hot-air balloon, a submarine, and while sailing with a whale.

Cayden:  “They sure were reading in a lot of weird places!  My favorite was when they were in the whale’s mouth!  I don’t know what they meant when they said ‘Toon! Toon!” after a lot of things though and neither did you mom.  I like the Spanish part of the book too.”

Max:  “I liked the submarine!  And when they were flying!”

Parent’s comments:
As Cayden had stated above, I didn’t know what the English words “Toon! Toon!” (Spanish- Tun! Tun!) meant after many of the sentences.  Maybe it is a common exclamation but I have never heard of it before.  I even tried looking it up but came up empty-handed.

“Book Fiesta!: Celebrate Children’s Day/Book Day” by Pat Mora has vibrant, eye-catching illustrations and is a very creative book.  I also love the fact that it is bilingual and it would be useful in teaching your child a second language.

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