“Blue Is the Only Color in the Rainbow” by Deanna Hart

“Blue Is the Only Color in the Rainbow” by Deanna Hart 175 135 Reader Views Kids

Blue Is the Only Color in the Rainbow

Deanna Hart
Awakened Press (2023)
ISBN 979-8987043486
Reviewed by Jill Rey for Reader Views (06/2023)

Jasmine loves the color blue.  Everything she wears, eats, or plays with must be blue. So, when she receives a red monkey from her grandma for her birthday, she is very disappointed.  It’s not blue, so automatically she doesn’t like it. But the monkey’s loneliness and crying from not being loved draws her in, and Mango the red monkey shows her a rainbow of colors to love beyond blue.

Deanna Hart, author of “Blue Is the Only Color in the Rainbow” provides a teacher’s guide after the story with a handful of questions to guide discussion pre-reading, during reading, and after reading.  These questions stem from disliking gifts, emotions, and inclusion.  I was so happy to see this guide as it included many of the themes and lessons I myself took away from this read, important lessons for kids and adults of all ages.  These themes surround the inclusion of every color, not just the ones you prefer. Feelings and big emotions such as loneliness and being excluded by others are also included. Additional questions Hart targets include imaginative and pretend scenarios that are important developmental milestones and progression for children. There was even a question included that had readers create a pretend dialogue you would have with your own stuffies, asking readers to act it out. 

“Blue Is the Only Color in the Rainbow” is full of lessons, a diverse array of learning opportunities, and a reminder that all colors are important. Illustrator Chrish Vindhy did a great job using traditional and digital techniques to bring to life the pages of this book.  Despite beginning with Jasmine’s background and love of all things blue, Vindhy did a great job delineating and varying her tones of blue, I never felt overwhelmed by the blue in Jasmine’s life pre-Mango.  The browns and greys helped to break up any feelings of overpowering blue.  Then as the full prism of the rainbow began to enter Jasmine’s world the vivid and vibrant awaking of color was a gradual and cheery progression. 

“Blue Is the Only Color in the Rainbow” is a welcome read for all ages as parents, teachers, and children are reminded of the importance of inclusion.  Jasmine and Mango make for great characters, reminding us of important lessons in a fun and friendly way.  All are sure to love the pictures and stories within as we celebrate Jasmine’s newfound fondness for the bright and dazzling colors of the rainbow.

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