“Blaze Union and the Puddin’ Head Schools” by W.T. Kosmos

“Blaze Union and the Puddin’ Head Schools” by W.T. Kosmos 663 1024 Reader Views Kids

Blaze Union and the Puddin’ Head Schools

W.T. Kosmos
Wise Wit Press, LLC (2023)
ISBN: 979-8988315117
Reviewed by Tammy Ruggles for Reader Views (08/2023)

“Blaze Union and the Puddin’ Head Schools” by the award-winning W.T. Kosmos, is the perfect book for those of you who may look around and ask, “Is divisiveness becoming as absurd as I think it is?” Well, this book can help you decide that for yourself. This book and the author that wrote it has a terrific sense of humor. Although it could be read as a commentary on today’s education system, it can also be taken at face value as the cool comedy-drama it’s dressed up to be. Blaze Union is a teenager who is mad at the unfairness she sees, and many teens as well as adults can relate to her. 

This book has a buzzword: absurd. So, this is what you get when you read, but it is so well-crafted, honest, and funny, that you, too, may find yourself agreeing with the things you read about. It’s clever and creative, easy to read, and a story ripe for the telling. Within these pages, you will find out what an absurdity neurosis is, what the seahorse protests are all about, and why you, too, may discover that you are an absurdist.

Follow Blaze and her struggle, which goes from bad to worse as she has trouble finding a school that will accept her since she has been expelled 23 times. This creates problems for her family. Her mom could be out of work, and her brother has already dropped out of school. This sets Blaze on the path of determination. She wants to right the wrongs in the school system, she wants to stand up for the little student, defeat the rival Sweeties, and restore sanity to students and schools everywhere if possible.

The author will capture your sense of humor and your imagination with a bold writing style, and you will find yourself connecting with Blaze, Chopper, and the other characters. More than this, it just may wake you to the diverse and often polarizing opinions in the education system today. This book can bite in some places, but it’s still funny, and young adults with an independent spirit can certainly relate to and appreciate it. So can older adult readers. For a book on culture wars and challenging the status quo, you can’t get any better than “Blaze Union and the Puddin’ Head Schools” by the award-winning W.T. Kosmos.

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