Big Nate On A Roll By Lincoln Peirce

Big Nate On A Roll By Lincoln Peirce 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Big Nate On A Roll
Lincoln Peirce
HarperCollins (2011)
ISBN 9780061944383
Reviewed by Lauren Rock (age 8) for Reader Views (7/11)

Big Nate is a ten-year-old kid who does not understand teachers and adults.  He gets in trouble a lot and has a lot of bad luck.  In school, he gets a lot of detentions.  One day, he gets a detention and it’s not really his fault.  It’s Artur’s fault.  Artur seems to catch all the breaks.  The two of them were doing a project together.  Artur was climbing a ladder and painting.  Big Nate was holding the ladder for Artur and he spilled paint in his eye.  What happened?  The ladder fell to the ground.  Big Nate is the only one who got a detention.  This made Big Nate late for his Timber Scouts meeting.  On his way to his scouts meeting he is riding his skateboard and he runs into a lady and her dog.  His skateboard flips up in the air and flies out and into a creek full of oil and mud.  More bad luck for Big Nate because the skateboard sank in the creek so he has to walk to his meeting.  By the time he gets to his scout meeting, it’s over.  Standing outside of the meeting door, the newest member of the scouts is none other than – Artur!   To raise money for camping gear, the scouts are doing a fundraiser and have to sell wall hangings.  Big Nate doesn’t want to sell wall hangings.  That is, until he found out that the grand prize is a customized skateboard!  Now Big Nate needs to come up with a plan to outsell Mr. Lucky so he can win the grand prize and can get the skateboard.

“Big Nate On A Roll” was a great book.  I like reading the Big Nate books because they are always funny and cool.  This Big Nate book was by far the best in the Big Nate series of books that I have read and I have read them all.  He had some awkward moments.  Hang in there Big Nate.  You are a winner. I can hardly wait for the next one to come out. I hope you like this book. It was fun to read.

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