Big Big Sky: A Novel by Kristyn Dunnion

Big Big Sky: A Novel by Kristyn Dunnion 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Big Big Sky: A Novel
Kristyn Dunnion
Red Deer Press (2008)
ISBN 9780889954045
Reviewed by Austin McCredie (age 13) for Reader Views (9/08)


“Big Big Sky” is a book about a group of female warriors–Rustle, Loo, Roku, Solomon and Shona– who are betrayed by one of their own and are about to be deplugged or killed when they make their escape out of the mountain they lived in… and into the big big sky where they have to learn to survive, or die, fighting for their freedom. Through many battles, sacrifices, betrayals and alliances, they find their true lives, free from orders and killing.

Kristyn Dunnion is a creative and funny writer. She makes each character speak and think their own way, giving everyone a defined personality; Rustle the curious one, Loo the tough and brave hunter, Roku the silent thinker, Solomon the peacemaker, and Shona the brave leader and troubled girl. Some words were difficult to get at first, like, “Whafa” and “Prolly” but you grasp their meaning quickly.

I think Ms. Dunnion is trying to teach us about free-will and freedom: how we should all get them, that they are both a necessary component to life and society, what happens when we lose free-will and freedom, and how, without them, we all turn to mindless people who can’t survive on their own.

Everyone wants freedom. Sometimes we have to fight for it, like Rustle and her podmates had to. Sometimes we receive it as a gift or right. But some people don’t have it and need it. Free-will and freedom are things everyone and everything needs. We all need to see the big big sky.

“Big Big Sky” is a book for girls. Boys might enjoy it, but it is a slim chance. It almost has the same ratio of boy-girl readers as “Twilight” by Stephanie Meyer did. But this book is for older kids, for some parts are not suitable for girls or boys that are not at least twelve.  Either way, it is definitely a book for older girls, by an older girl.

“Big Big Sky” by Kristyn Dunnion is an enjoyable book about freedom, life, death and betrayal–a book full of fast-paced adventure. We all need to understand what it is like to get out of our mountain and look at the wonder of the big, big sky.

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