Bible Animals: Candle Library (Board Books) By Juliet David

Bible Animals: Candle Library (Board Books) By Juliet David 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Bible Animals: Candle Library (Board Books)
Juliet David
Candle Books (2011)
ISBN 9781859858868
Reviewed by Hailey Schlarman (age 3) and Mom for Reader Views (10/11)

We all know the stories of the Bible.  There’s Jonah, Noah, David and Goliath, Jesus, Moses and more!  But, do we know about the animals of the Bible?  What is their story?  How did they help the people of the Bible to complete their work and obey God?  What would they have done without these animals?  This board book collection is aimed to teach children ages 0-5 about the animals of the Bible.  The collection includes stories about a little lamb, an elephant, a pig, a donkey, a fish and a lion!  Discover wonderful lessons that apply to children through their favorite animals.

Hailey’s thoughts:

“Big Fish’s Supper”- “The bad guys throwed Jonah in the water and then Jonah wanted to go in the big fish’s belly.  But then he was stuck in the fishes belly until he spit him out.  Jonah went far afar away.  Jonah didn’t obey God, he ran from the fish to obey.  The end.”

“Lion Misses Breakfast” – “Lions are in a pit.  They eat meat.  The bad guys threw Daniel into the pit.  The angel shut the lion’s mouth.  No food for them today!  The sun comes out.  Daniel is alive!”

“The Pig Who Shared” – “The boy had no home.  He leaves his home.  He was hungry.  The pig shared with him.  He went back home.  His daddy was happy.”

“Elephant Keeps Safe” – “Elephant didn’t like the rain.  Noah asked him for help.  He helped build the boat so everyone was dry.  They were safe.”

“Donkey Helps a Stranger” – “Donkey picked the man up.  He helped fix him.  The man was a stranger.”

“Little Sheep Gets Lost” – “Little Sheep got lost.  The Shepherd looked for him.  He missed him.  Then he heard Baa, Baa.  Then he saw the bush.  He found him!  The donkey is my favorite!”

“I like them!  They are great.  The donkey is my favorite.  The lion is my second favorite.”

Mom’s thoughts:

These books are great!  My daughter’s comments say it all.  She was so talkative about these books and loves to read them.  Every night she brings them to me and request that we read them all.  She picks her order and I read them even though she has memorized the stories by now.  She loves to point and laugh and add her opinion.  These are great, durable, colorful books that can be enjoyed by a variety of ages.  My oldest, who is 5, also enjoys listening to the stories.  I would most definitely recommend “Bible Animals: Candle Library” and plan to purchase a few as gifts this year.

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