Benjamin Bear: Stencil Book (Board Book) By Claire Freedman

Benjamin Bear: Stencil Book (Board Book) By Claire Freedman 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Benjamin Bear: Stencil Book (Board Book)
Claire Freedman
Candle Books (2010)
ISBN 9780825474279
Reviewed by Madison Schlarman (age 4) and Mom for Reader Views (05/10)

“Benjamin Bear: Stencil Book” is a book about Benjamin the bear and his friends. There are three separate stories that illustrate the practice of saying I’m sorry, please and thank you. Each page has a stencil that your child can use to trace a scene from the story. Simply insert a plain sheet of paper between the stencil, which folds forward, and the board book. It is very easy for little hands to draw the outline and color it in!

Madison: “WOW! Mommy, I want to draw!” After finishing she looked at the picture and giggled in happiness saying “I did it, I did it! Look mommy, I traced!”

Upon completion of reading the first story Madison said, “Read another one, there is more!”

Mom: My daughter absolutely loved this book from the moment it arrived. When she saw it she said “WOW,” and then asked to draw when she saw all the stencils. I did not have to explain how she needed to use the book. She easily found paper and inserted it between the book and the stencil and started to trace. I offered to tape the stencil down, but she didn’t need it. The paper stayed in place very well and she was easily able to use the stencil. The picture was adorable! She was creative and used a marker to trace the open areas, giving her picture more volume and life. While using the stencil she said “The monkey moves, look daddy the monkey’s head moves.” A few days later my two-year-old got hold of the book and tore the monkey’s face off of the head. I am unsure if this was just a weak spot in the stencil or if it was just too thin, that it moved when tracing and then that my two-year-old was able to rip it off so quickly. Overall the book is very sturdy and well constructed. I am very happy with it.

The stories are a second wonderful addition to this book. They easily teach children why it is important to say I’m sorry, please and thank you. Each story gives multiple examples of different situations and where these phrases can be used. We all thoroughly enjoy this entire book, from the stories to the stencils and the pictures they produce. My daughter will sit for hours perfecting her pictures and using each stencil. “Benjamin Bear: Stencil Book” has been a hit and has a wonderful, affordable price!


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