Benjamin Bear Says Goodnight By Claire Freedman

Benjamin Bear Says Goodnight By Claire Freedman 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Benjamin Bear Says Goodnight
Claire Freedman
Candle Books (2010)
ISBN 9781859857861
Reviewed by Hailey Schlarman (age 2) and Mom for Reader Views (09/10)

Benjamin Bear has lots of energy and is not ready for bedtime! He still has lots of bounce left in him and wants to play outside. After all his friends go home he decides to go take that bath his mom is calling him in for. Benjamin discovers the fun in getting ready for bed and slowly becomes tired in the process! After bath, brushing his teeth, warm milk, reading a book and mom’s lullaby Benjamin is fast asleep and dreaming about tomorrow!

What Hailey had to say:

“It’s about him sleeping. He played and played. Playing in the bathroom and having bubbles in the tub. That bear in the bath! He put on his shirt. He brushing with toothpaste. They reading a book and going to bed and going to sleep. He go to bed. He will wake up.”

What Mom thinks:

This book is really cute and both my daughters enjoyed it. Hailey loved turning the pages though it was a little long for her attention span. The more we read this adorable bedtime story, the more she would sit still and listen. The book tells the tale of a bouncy little bear that is not ready for bedtime! He learns the bath is fun and that story time and all of the other bedtime activities are great too. This was a nice book to read before bedtime. It reinforced bedtime routine with my girls by showing them that others have baths, books, brush teeth time and a drink before bed. The illustrations are adorable and great for kids five and under. I would suggest this book for kids 2-4 years of age specifically. It was great to see Benjamin Bear in a small board book style. We had a great time with “Benjamin Bear Says Goodnight.”


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