Behold the Eye: Cerulea By Veronica R. Tabares

Behold the Eye: Cerulea By Veronica R. Tabares 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Behold the Eye: Cerulea
Veronica R. Tabares
Sun Break Publishing (2008)
ISBN 9780981555720
Reviewed by Ben Weldon (age 11) for Reader Views (01/10)

“Behold the Eye: Cerulea” by Veronica R. Tabares is a multi-dimensional story, literally. When Vickie (a teen from earth) somehow ends up in another dimension, she and the friends she has made along the way must find a way for her to get back to her world. With her two new friends, Micah and Shanti, Vickie must find a way to get home. Meanwhile the forces of evil are gathering and at their head is a deranged mastermind who will stop at nothing to rule Micah’s dimension. In the meantime, can Vickie get home before it’s too late?

When Vickie wakes up stranded in another dimension, she and her friends make a unanimous decision: they must go to the city of Cerulea and find out more about dream travel before they try to send Vickie home again. But in Cerulea their search comes to an end almost immediately. The Cerulean records have no information on dream travel at all. Can they find enough information on dream travel to safely send Vickie home?

Micah lives in a world where people are born with special abilities, but the abilities are dependant on eye color. For example, green eyed people can heal others and can communicate with animals. Micah has one blue eye and one brown eye; this means that he has the rarest power of all, dream travel. Can Micah use his dream travel power to help Vickie get home?

“Behold the Eye: Cerulea” is the second book in a trilogy called “Behold the Eye.” It’s a great book, but it would be a little bit harder to read without having read the first book in the series, “Behold the Eye: Braumaru.” I would recommend “Behold the Eye: Cerulea” by Veronica R. Tabares to people who like to read adventure books. This book was rather complex, but it all works pretty well. After having read the first two books in this trilogy, I’ll be reaching for the next one.


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