Behold the Eye: Braumaru by Veronica R. Tabares

Behold the Eye: Braumaru by Veronica R. Tabares 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Behold the Eye: Braumaru
Veronica R. Tabares
Sun Break Publishing (2008)
ISBN 9780981555706
Reviewed by Ben Weldon (age 11) for Reader Views (12/09)


“Behold the Eye: Braumaru” by Veronica R. Tabares is a multi-dimensional story, literally.  Bold, brave Micah is a teenager in another dimension.  Chatty and adventurous Vickie is a middle-school student on Earth.  They come together when Vickie is kidnapped and trapped in a middle dimension.  Will she be able to get out, and who did this terrible thing to her?

Roland is an unassuming, middle-aged janitor at WestwoodMiddle School where Vickie attends.  People either don’t think much at all about Roland or think him a bit weird.  Certainly no one suspects that he could be the evil mastermind behind what has happened to Vickie.  No one would believe that he is descended from an ancient race that once had powers just like the people of Micah’s world.  When a strange cataclysmic event zaps most of Roland’s race into Micah’s dimension, his ancestors, and now him, are denied the right to rule.  And now he will do anything to get his power back.

Vickie lives on Earth in our normal dimension and spends most of her spare time with her three good friends.  Together they have been trying to write a book on real paranormal occurrences – little do they know how many Vickie will have.  Examples include getting her consciousness kidnapped to a strange middle dimension, developing telekinesis, and a few more.  But will getting kidnapped to the strange middle dimension be the last thing that ever happens to her?

Micah lives in a world where people are born with special abilities, but the abilities are dependant on eye color.  For example, green-eyed people can heal others and can communicate with animals.  Micah has one blue eye and one brown eye so no one has any idea as to what his ability is.  However, when Micah starts seeing things in dreams, his power is revealed: dream travel.  Can Micah use his dream travel power to save Vickie?

I would recommend “Behold the Eye: Braumaru” by Veronica R. Tabares to people who like adventure stories.  The story is kind of complicated but it works well.  This book was quite involving and you won’t want to put it down until you finish it.  It is the first book in trilogy called “Behold the Eye.” This one left off on a cliffhanger; I really want to read the next one.

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