Because Brian Hugged His Mother
David L. Rice
Dawn Publications (1999)
ISBN 9781883220891
Reviewed by Max Aures (age 4.5) and Mom for Reader Views (3/11)

Brian wakes up in the morning and hugs his mother.  This simple act of kindness sets off a chain reaction as each person who is on the receiving end passes on some of that kindness to the next person.

Max’s comments:

“The boy in this book gives his mom hugs and kisses just like I do.  Everybody in this book is nice.  They do nice things for each other and that makes everybody happy.  Everyone has good manners in this book.  I liked when the lady let her dog watch TV.  She even set him up a bunch of pillows and everything.”

Parent’s comments:

“Because Brian Hugged His Mother” is definitely one of those warm, fuzzy feel-good books that show how kindness is contagious.  It is a great book to show children the importance of being kind and caring and the effect that these actions have on others.

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