Baxter Moon: Galactic Scout by John Zakour

Baxter Moon: Galactic Scout by John Zakour 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Baxter Moon: Galactic Scout
John Zakour
Brown Barn Books (2008)
ISBN 9780976812692
Reviewed by Ian McCurley (age 14) for Reader Views (5/08)

“Baxter Moon: Galactic Scout” takes place in the future, when humans have recently discovered the first two intelligent forms of life besides ourselves.  It begins on a space station where scouts are being trained.  After winning a video game contest, Baxter Moon received a full scholarship to the Galactic Academy of Scouts.  Now he is in training, along with his squad mates, one of which is technologically intelligent, the other is strong and more mechanically oriented.  Their squad leader is a genetically improved chimpanzee.  When the devious TVtrons kidnap a ship full of human and aquan diplomats, the unarmed scouts are sent in to stop a war.  On the ship they meet a beautiful Princess and are almost killed by re-programmed robots.  Now they must free the prisoners, survive the TVtrons assault and avert a war.

In “Baxter Moon: Galactic Scout” John Zakour writes with excellence.  His book has a solid plot and conveys a humorous mood. Not only is this book funny, but is funny in a way that children will understand.  His previous work with Nickelodeon can be seen in his humor.  This book is for those who are of 12 years of age or younger and enjoy books about space or talking monkeys.

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