Batman Classic: Batman and the Toxic Terror
Jodi Huelin
HarperFestival (2011)
ISBN 9780061885303
Reviewed by Cayden Aures (age 6.5) for Reader Views (5/11)

This book is called “Batman Classic: Batman and the Toxic Terror.”  It was all of the people that are in it in the front of the book.  This one has Batman, Alfred Pennyworth, and Poison Ivy.  Poison Ivy is the villain.  I like when they put them all in the front of the book like that.

Bruce Wayne, the name of the guy when he isn’t Batman, is watching TV and sees that a park is going to be taken down to make a mall.  Poison Ivy gets mad and makes people turn into trees.

I don’t like that they were taking down the trees, but she shouldn’t turn people into trees.  Batman has to save them.

My favorite picture in “Batman Classic: Batman and the Toxic Terror” was the one where the weird looking tree people try to get Batman.  They were kind of scary looking!


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