by Kevin Scott Collier by Kevin Scott Collier 150 150 Reader Views Kids
Kevin Scott Collier
Tweener Press (2004)
ISBN 9780975288023
Reviewed by Brianne Plach (age 10) for Reader Views (4/08)

Do you like to get email? If you do and find it interesting to read emails, you will like Jordon Mink. He got an email from heaven. He must leave this earth immediately. The emails come from Barth Penn who lives in heaven. Barth is assisted by different angels who are trying to convince Jordan to come to heaven. It’s only Barth who talks to Jordan, but the angels give him advice.

Can you imagine his response when opening his email? He goes through four months of corresponding with Barth. There are blank pages in between some of the emails because Jordon does not reply to his email partner. Jordon was undergoing some medical treatment.” is a very interesting book for young readers who like fantasy books. Their story is told by reading each email and seeing just how the story develops on and on. I read this book in two days, it was so exciting. It’s definitely a book which you can’t put down until you are finished with it.

You never know what might end up in your inbox.  But you definitely won’t get any from heaven like young Jordon did in “”

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